Morgan Anderson

Morgan Anderson

Niceville, FL, US



    Greetings, I am a recent graduate of Auburn University’s School of Architecture and Design, where I will obtained duel degrees in a Bachelor of Architecture and Interior
Architecture. While attending school I had many unique opportunities that have shaped my ideologies of Design. Such events included my participation in an international study located in Istanbul Turkey, and an Urban Studio thesis in Birmingham Alabama. Both of these experiences have allowed me to explore Urban Architecture on all three levels:
Comprehensive City Planning, Urban Architectural Form, and Interior Space Making.
    My goal is to practice design in a comprehensive architectural manner. I am
interested in evidence based design, in which architectural space impacts our way of living via atmospheric conditions. Therefore I am passionate about the interior dwelling of spaces and I am actively searching for a full time position that will allow me to excel to my fullest
    I believe that the process of design is through the making of our hands. I use my hands through both physical and digital medias. I thrive in the use of hand drawing and
modeling for developing conceptual thought, as well as, the use of AutoCAD, Photoshop, and Google Sketch up programs for rendering techniques. In my previous employment I
used these skills for both developing design concepts and rendering presentation images.
    In all Design I focus on an acute attention to detail by using a creative problem solving processes to achieve a top quality standard. I am confident in my abilities to work collaboratively on a team that uses all members’ strengths to our advantage. In such cases I am comfortable in my abilities of listening by following directions, working in an organized manner, and having clear verbal communication skills to aid the dynamic function of the
    For all these reasons stated above I eagerly await an opportunity for an interview with you. I know I can significantly contribute to the success of your firm. For your consideration
I have posted my portfolio and resume on the issuu website. They can be reached at:
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Cohen Carnaggio Reynolds, Birmingham, AL, US, Intern

Aug 2011 - Dec 2011


Auburn University, Auburn, AL, US, BArch, Architecture

Aug 2007 - May 2012

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