Khanh Le

Khanh Le

Kristiansand Sør, NO



I'm currently 22 years and finished my bachelor at Griffith College as interior architecture. I took a year of, just to work and get more inspired to design. For my degree project i made a customer building to a culinary school. The concept was inspired by the maritime environment in Kristiansand (south of Norway) where the details dedicated to crustacean. Now these days a work as a vicarious restaurant manager. After this year, I got a craving for designing and I'm looking now for either a job or an internship. 

Internship is not typical for the design business in Norway, as the culture is quite closed when it comes to employment. The best thing about my current situation is that I'm willing to move anywhere, just to get some new life experience and a better expertise. 

If there's anyone actually reading this, please do give some tip of what else I can do or how I can start my career. 



Griffith College Dublin (GCD), Dublin, IE, Bachelors, Interior architecture

Sep 2010 - May 2011

The Norwegian Creators School (NKF), Kristiansand Sør, NO, Interior Design

Aug 2008 - Jun 2010

Areas of Specialization