Andrea Vonarti

Andrea Vonarti

Chiavari, IT



My name is Andrea Vonarti, I was born on 12/07/1984 in Chiavari (Genova), where I still live.
I studied at Liceo Scientifico Marconi in Chiavari and I am a graduate of Architectural Restoration
from Genoa University.
My thesis entitled "Il Santuario di N.S. delle Grazie a Chiavari (Ge): interventi effettuati e
problematiche attuali" was given the first prize "Umberto Rivarola" from the cultural association "O
Castello" in 2011.
I have a good knowledge of both written and spoken English, as certified by the Meridian School in
Portsmouth in 2001 and through the PET exam at Cambridge University in 2006.
I am a lively, dynamic and willing person.
I would like to have the opportunity to work abroad, using and improving my skills and I
am interested in working with companies or architectural firms specialized in studies that address
the Architectural Restoration. I am willing to relocate immediately




Studioquadra, Chiavari, IT, 2 internship

1 internship: from 27/12/2011 to 30/03/2012
2 internship: from 19/06/2007 to 09/10/2007

Architect collaborator, collaborator of architectural restoration projects,
cad designer, secretary, diagnostic of degradation, bill of quantities,
inspections, metric survey building etc.

Dec 2011 - Mar 2012


University of Genoa, Genoa, IT, Bachelors, Architectural Restoration

My Diploma in architectural restoration gives me the opportunity to have direct and in-depth knowledge of:
1) restoration techniques (how to act and what to use to eliminate degradation from buildings)
2) diagnose types of deterioration of historic buildings on the basis of normal 1/88
3) carry out archival research of the historical building in question to know what and what not maintain this building
4) buildings relief
5) the graphic representation of the relief with autocad 2D
6) straightening of photographs on which to run the graphic design of this degradation
7) restoration project of the building (which I can only sign in June after passing state exam)
8) calculation of estimated bill of quantities
9) knowledge of materials
10) Secretary

10) At 31-05-2012 I will finish a course that qualify me as technical director of the restoration sites
11) At 26-06-2012 I have the state examination

Oct 2004 - Oct 2011


"O castello" award, 1st Place

The cultural association "O Castello" of Chiavari has rewarded me with the first
award for my dissertation for my thesis


Areas of Specialization