Abdulrahman El-Taliawi

Abdulrahman El-Taliawi




طلياوي (يثق في انه قد نشرت له اعمال عديدة في دوريات هامة و لكنه) استيقظ ليجد بجانبه كراسة تحمل اسمه، و تخبره عن شيء كان لديه يدعى الذاكرة. لا يتذكر ما هي. و من ثم ليست لديه سابقة اعمال الا السطور السابقة. اما الباقي، فقد سقط ضمن اوراق الشجر الذي سقط الخريف الماضي. و احترق مع الكتب التي اضرمت فيها النيران. و دفن ضمن النفايات التي اختلطت بالاجسام. لعلنا اليوم نتنفسه.

اهتمامات: المجال العام، الاسكان الاجتماعي، الحق في المدينة، تنمية المجتمع


Taliawi (who believes he has been widely published in various important periodicals) has awaken to find beside him a notebook with his name over it, telling him about something that he had called Memory. He cannot recall what it is. And hence, does not have a relevant bio other than the previous lines. The rest, has fallen among the fallen leaves of a tree in the fall; burnt with the books that have been set to fire; buried with the waste that has mixed with bodies. May we now be breathing them.

Key Interests: Public Space, Social Housing, Right to the City, Community Development


Gunpowder Factory | معمل البارود, Cairo, Architect/Urbanist

سنغير قلب العالم. ان لم نستطع، سنداوي جروحه. لن نعش كثيراً لنرى وجهه و قد تبدل، و لكن سنقاتل لنرى ملامحه المبهمة تتشكل في خيالنا.

We will change the heart of the world. If we cannot, we will heal its wounds. We will not live for long to see its face alternating, but we will fight to see its features forming in our imaginations.

Jan 2013 - current

Naga Studio Architecture + Urbanism, Cairo, Architect

- Mapping, research and documentation for the 'Mobilization of the Dahshur World Heritage Site for Community Development' project (UNESCO/UNDP/SCA);
- Data collection and analysis for the 'Giza Pyramids Plateau' planning project (SCA)

May 2010 - Sep 2010

Egyptian Earth Construction Association (EECA), Sinai, Architect

- Architect of the project for the development of an authentic architectural character for Bedouin settlements in Sinai (EU/SSRDP)
- Develop design and build a centre for building crafts (CBC) and an ecolodge (Mt. Sinai);
- Investigate Bedouin dwelling norms and typologies;
- Offer, design and document technical assistance to local community;
- Coordinate participatory decision-making, and supervise their implementation;
- Assist in the production of an appropriate building guideline manual for St Catherine

Mar 2009 - May 2010


Politecnico di Milano, Piacenza, IT, Masters, Large Scale Architecture and Sustainable Urbanism

Oct 2010 - current

Faculty of Fine Arts, Helwan University, Cairo, Bachelors, Architecture

Accumulative Grade : Good
Thesis Project Grade : Excellent

Sep 2002 - Jul 2007


Recipient of the Erasmus Internship Placement Award, Scholarship


Areas of Specialization