Kayle Drucker

Kayle Drucker

Chicago, IL, US





Urban Lux, Chicago, IL, US, Relocation Specialist

Create online marketing advertisements to generate business and reach weekly sales goals; Analyze market trends and continually adjust inventory to current market conditions; Provide outstanding customer service through professional communication and a comprehensive knowledge of inventory in the rental market; Develop a thorough understanding of client needs and priorities to match them with a perfect home.

Jan 2012 - Mar 2012

Del Sol Group, Phoenix, AZ, US, Projects Assistant/CAD Services

Convert Landscape Architect's designs and detail sketches into working documents using AutoCAD; Produce working drawings and construction documents from conceptual designs and verbal discussion; Coordinate with Landscape Architects and clients on the final production of the working drawings/construction documents (i.e., documents needed for all design phase submittals to the client/city); Initiate environmental compliance documents allowing current projects to be implemented and new projects to be initiated in a manner that is effective to the company and client; Prepare project using various programs and websites (e.g., County GIS websites, US Geological Survey Quad Maps, ArcGIS Explorer, Arizona Game and Fish Department, and Arizona Archaeological Site and Survey Data) to gather essential information for potential project locations, acreages, threatened and endangered species, archaeological sites, and current conditions; Create aerial and/or geological survey figure maps to convey information in association with legal documents and reports used for land use and zoning cases; Attend pre-bid meetings and industry events to identify potential new project and/or teaming opportunities; Successfully completed a Conditional Letter of Map Revision related to a Fill Memorandum for a design and engineering firm serving both the private and public sector.

Feb 2007 - Jan 2012

Costco, Phoenix, AZ, US, Membership Clerk

Advise current and potential members on all facets of the Costco membership program and customer service-related inquiries; Assist members with product questions, their locations, and their status, in the computers database including other warehouse locations; Aid members with their purchases, exchanges, and returns to the members satisfaction; Demonstrate exemplary customer service experience through effective listening and communication skills; Encourage teamwork and collaboration among co-workers to facilitate a positive working environment and cross-training opportunities; Market Costco at local events around the Phoenix metro area and encourage new member registration.

Mar 2008 - Dec 2011

Engle Homes, Phoenix, AZ, US, Internship

Participated and observed all key department staff to understand how each facet of the development process ties into the larger goal of taking a project from initiation to completion.

Aug 2006 - Dec 2006


Arizona State University, Tempe Camp, AZ, US, Bachelors, Housing and Urban Development

A Bachelors of Science in Housing and Urban Development trains professionals to lead in the production of high-quality affordable housing, in the development of creatively designed and soundly planned neighborhoods and communities, in the revitalization of communities, and in the exemplification of social inclusiveness and environmental sensitivity in responsible land development.

Aug 2003 - May 2008

Areas of Specialization