Casandra Vash

Casandra Vash

Phillipsburg, NJ, US



I am a going to be graduated student of the Masters program of Urban Studies from Long Island University in a month. I have finished all my classes in the previous semester(fall) and have recently handed in my thesis, The Diversity and Change in the Heart of West Harlem, which was approved. Since I am done with the paper, the next step for me is to find a job in Urban Planning, which was a huge focus in my thesis paper since this gives me extra practice in the Urban Planning department. 


Phillipsburg School District, Phillipsburg, NJ, US, Substitute Teacher

I teach lesson plans that teachers leave for me, keep control of classroom and students, and leave a detailed outline of what was done that day for the teacher.

Nov 2011 - current

Writing Center: Long Island University, Brooklyn, NY, US, Tutor

I proofread, fixed grammar, and helped students with overall layout of papers.

Oct 2010 - Dec 2011

Into the Swim, Central New Jersey, Swim Instructor

I taught students, constructed lesson plans for each student, and dealt with parental interaction

Sep 2007 - Dec 2011

Political Science Department: Long Island University, Brooklyn, NY, US, Graduate Assistant

I helped with office work, from typing up memos to copying jobs, and ran errands.

May 2011 - Aug 2011


Long Island University, Brooklyn, NY, US, Masters, Urban Studies

In this program, I learned the history of Urban Planning, as well as theories and practices used in Urban Planning today. Additionally, took courses in the GIS program and have studied more about the program outside of school. My thesis, titled “The Diversity and Change in the Heart of West Harlem”, researched the effects that the Columbia University expansion into Manahttanville was having on the rest of West Harlem. I took the census tracts that had not yet been gentrified but were either becoming diverse or were still poor, and studied the demographics, the rent change, the diversity in buildings and the government programs that were initiated in the area. With all this information, I tied it together with Jane Jacobs’ theories in her book, The Life and Death of Great American Cities, and presented how the theories tied into making West Harlem a more diverse place. The experience of writing my thesis helped me understand more about the planning of cities rather than just the study of cities. It opened my eyes in how to create a sustainable city through the interworking’s of diversity and the help of government agencies.

Sep 2010 - current

Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ, US, Bachelors, Evolutionary Anthropology

For this program, I focused on the Archaeology side of the degree. I took many classes about Archaeology and learned how to survey, look at strata differences, and how to measure and draw a place of study at a dig site. Also, took classes in statistics.

Sep 2007 - May 2010


Outstanding Achievement Award, Award

Given to me for my educational achievements


Rookie Volunteer of the Year, 1st Place

Given to me for being the best new volunteer for the canal museum.


Member of Eta Sigma Phi, Award

Given to me for my excellent education success in Classic courses.


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