Ashley Krob

Ashley Krob

Savannah, GA, US



Currently I am a Naturalist with the Department of Natural Resources at Skidaway Island State Park.  My job duties include a variety of areas, from educating the public on native and invasive species, to the cultural context of the island and its relation to the neighboring Historic District of Savannah.  On any given day I give a lecture, go on a hike, paint a mural, or tend to the butterfly garden.  It is an amazing job and I never complain about going to work.

As for my education, which is rounding itself to a conclusion as I graduate in June as a Master of Architecture, or Architectress as I prefer, the experience of learning the history of design in Savannah has been an amazing and worth while experience.  It all began back in 2006, when I left San Diego and ventured East to attend the Savannah College of Art and Design as a painting major, I took an Introduction to Historic Preservation class as an elective (thinking it was preserving paintings, whoops), and fell in love with the world of Architecture.  I graduated with my BFA in Historic Preservation in 2009 and immediately sought a Masters in Architecture.  

It is in Architecture that I found the discipline to be poet, mathematician, and artist.  I believe in design that focuses on the user and elevates the lives of those around it.  



Department of Natural Resources, Savannah, GA, US, Naturalist

A little bit of everything. From educating the public on a variety of topics (March and Slough, Reptiles, Birds, Plants, trails, historic materials, etc), ground maintenance, animal care, museum tours and exhibits.

Aug 2009 - current


Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah, GA, US, MArch, Architecture

From electronic design, environmental control, to intense ten week studio projects, the variety of typologies and programs create a wide breadth of works in my portfolio. I was also given the opportunity to work closely with an amazing team of Urban Planners and Interior Designer during a corporate sponsored studio.
Currently in thesis mode, my project is sensitive to the site, the cultural context, and uses a variety of environmentally responsible techniques that the school encourages and explores.

Aug 2009 - current

Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah, GA, US, BArch, Historic Preservation

This degree, in this setting, was an amazing experience that introduced me to the world of Architecture. The researching of code and law classes were both rigorous and surprisingly rewarding. The adaptive rehabilitation classes offered the experience of rehabilitation, economics, surveying, graphic design, and computation of expenses, it was a thorough project that stands to become a useful skill that I am proud to take with me into the workplace.

Aug 2006 - Jun 2009

Sierra High School, Tollhouse, CA, US, High School, General Education

General. I loved my art and english classes. Surprisingly, I hated my drafting class, go figure.

Aug 1997 - Jun 2001