Weifeng Mao

Weifeng Mao

Philadelphia, PA, US



An entry level planner with strong motivation and a passion for Urban Planning & Design and Transportation Planning.

Urban Planning & Design, Urban and Regional Planning, Transportation Planning


Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission, Philadelphia, Transportation Planning Associate (Intern)

• Involved transportation and land use planning work with the Safety and Security program, Regional Congestion Management Process, and Central Jersey Transportation Forum
• Participated in transportation planning and safety studies such as Road Safety Audits and analysis of archived operations data
• Analyzed large databases of archived operations data, prepare maps and tables and write summaries
• Assisted in preparing annual crash data bulletin, reports and memoranda

Sep 2011 - Jan 2012

University Transportation Center (UTC) and Center for Historic Architecture & Design (CHAD),, Newark, DE, US, Research Assistant

• UTC project “Understanding the Impacts of Climate Change on the Interstate 95 Transportation Corridor in Maryland and Delaware”: utilized GIS to simulate sea level rise at different levels and examined vulnerability of existing transportation infrastructure, land use, and population; provided recommendations in response to increased sea level rise to governments and agencies. Achievements mainly included:
 UTC report “Transportation Planning in Response to Climate Change: Methods and Tools for Adaptation in Delaware”
 Poster presented in APA National Conference 2011
 Presented in graduate student classes as a guest speaker
• National Scenic Byways in Delaware: collaborated and coordinated with DelDOT and existing organizations, assisted in writing nominations, created GIS maps and prepared for presentations.
• WILMAPCO’s (Wilmington Area Planning Council) project: Sea-level Rise: A Transportation Vulnerability Assessment of the Wilmington, Delaware Region.

Feb 2010 - Aug 2011

Sustainable Development Studio and Architecture & Urban Planning Institute, Wuhan, CN, Intern

• Zoning and urban design in Ningbo and Baoding City, China. Responsible for land use analysis, structural planning, green space system, disaster prevention, telecommunications project, water supply, sewerage, heating system, environmental engineering planning and urban design.
• Comprehensive planning of Lianyuan City, including transportation, regional economic, land-use, green space, and municipal infrastructure planning.
• Served as a chief participant of zoning in the new east district of Guangrao, Shandong province. Participated in on-site investigation, draft drawing, governments and agencies communication, plan modification, final maps and texts editing. Responsible for structural planning, population and distribution of village analysis, land use planning, disaster prevention, environmental engineering planning and urban design guidelines making.
• Designing a community in Wuhan, China. Improved housing, green space system, public facilities and infrastructure while protecting the natural and ecological characteristics of the village in the meantime.

Aug 2005 - Jul 2009


University of Delaware, Newark, DE, US, Masters, Urban and Regional Planning

Urban Transportation Systems Land Use & Transportation Linkages Geographic Information Systems GIS in Public Policy Planning Theory & Urban Policy Contemporary Issues in Urban Affair
Research Methods & Data Analysis Planning Sustainable Communities & Regions
Study Abroad Program: Housing & Neighborhoods/ Netherlands
PH.D. Seminar: Governance, Planning & Management

Sep 2009 - May 2011

Huazhong University of S&T, Wuhan, CN, Bachelors, English

Sep 2004 - Jun 2008

Huazhong University of S&T, Wuhan, CN, Bachelors, School of Architecture and Urban Planning

Sep 2003 - Jun 2008

Areas of Specialization