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James Hoffman

Pompano Beach

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I am responsible in part for buildings in 16 states across the US as well as the Bahamas and the West Indies. I’ve enjoyed many different roles producing and or restoring structures of all types: architect of record, designer of record, contractor, design/builder, construction manager, real estate development manager, facilities manager, and special inspector.  

I believe my greatest asset today is experience with all these roles, knowing the pleasures and pitfalls of each first hand, from every side of the table, knowing the chain of command, sequence of events, and where responsibilities lie.

My history follows a migration from a purely architectural role to design/build and real estate development.  I was first licensed in Florida and know the Treasue Coast well.  I have also lived and worked in Nashville and NYC.  Presently, I live in Pompano Beach and work in Miami.  

I build relationships with associates easily.  I am happy to work as part of a team, but I have made an effort to remain self-reliant with every aspect of production.  

I have managed and created the paper work on the design side and on the construction side of all manner of private, public and government projects.  I have weathered this kind of duty with the Corps of Engineers and the GSA.

I’ve overseen fifteen employees.  The firm in it's best year handled over two hundred projects: small residential and commercial renovations, tenant build-outs, small production residential, large high-end residential, large multi-family, mid-size office & retail, restaurants, banks, hotels, low- and mid-rise condos, facilities management of over 2 million square feet of office and light industrial space.

I am left handed.  Sculptor.  Glass artist.  I sketch and water color.  I am driven by a desire that is about creating buildings from the minds eye of an artist.  I feel my associates appreciate my imagination and creativity, my drive to resolve problems and my ability to create solutions.


James M Hoffman - Architect, Nashville - Knoxville - Atlanta - Miami, Architect

Apr 1997 - current


Auburn University, Auburn, AL, US, BArch, Architecture

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Sep 1985 - May 1992

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