Vy Mai

Vy Mai

Houston, TX, US



I am a student at the University of Houston at the Gerald D. Hines Architecture School. I love the design process, because it helps solves problems in a beautiful way, and that's what I'm here to do.



DiCentral, Houston, TX, US, Marketing Assistant

I have been responsible for many projects that have deadlines, require team collaboration and demand different sets of skills. Marketing is responsible for any multimedia that represents the company and we manage advertising and send out surveys that help us keep in contact with customers.

Jul 2008 - current


University of Houston, Houston, BArch, Architecture

I am currently enrolled in intensive studio classes, where we develop projects and solve a problem through graphic communication and model building. Along with studio courses, I study theory and history to keep up a well balanced education. Although relatively young, Houston has a rich culture of diversity and drive. It has helped me cultivate a desire to be apart of the growth in a creative way.

Aug 2010 - current

Areas of Specialization