Scott Wright

Scott Wright

Seattle, WA, US



Dear Future Colleague: I am determined to be a skilled and dedicated member of your firm. I have learned to act quickly, be organized and always have a sensitive eye for the future of multiple projects. As an aspiring architect, I could not have survived without successfully expressing and evaluating my ideas throughout the development of a project: from the initial programming and digital modeling to the completion of high-quality presentation renders, diagrams and drawings. All this and the following information show not only a love for architecture but the ability and desire to be a successful member of your team. 
Building: As a member of many intensive and busy work environments, I have successfully worked independently in multiple roles and moved easily within different teams. Each position introduced me to new systems, requiring me to learn quickly, act diligently and confidently realize more than was needed.  At the University of Kansas, I was introduced to Revit early on and had the opportunity to complete several projects using the program. It was the first CAD/BIM software that I became proficient on and helped me learn not only how to digitally design a building but also how to document and present it effectively. As with a new computer program, the learning curve is high starting at a new office. Such was the case at the Omer Arbel Office which required me to work on the design and research of multiple projects simultaneously. The designs required persistence and accuracy to find methods of rapid fabrication for custom parts as well as successfully using unfamiliar materials and construction techniques to build a complicated, large scale model.
Arch. and I: My second Masters was completed in Nov. 2011. While working at Starbucks, I keep up my architectural skills by working closely with and drafting for a local designer. Through this work, I’ve honed my ability to criticize current designs and make appropriate changes to fit both the codes and client’s wishes. I enjoy both the design and construction phase, using my hand-crafting, digital modeling and personal skills to achieve a successful and accurate project. At OAO and Ellenberger Construction, one of my responsibilities was to visit construction sights and evaluate the project’s potential or judge the work done to date. I have been involved in various project stages such as at SCDLP, where I completed both initial site studies as well as interior elevations and bathroom schedules for vacation homes in Spain and the UK.
Learning: At university it was up to me to generate my own questions and to find the systems and research that I needed to answer them. As well, I had to master the tools I needed to succeed which included learning a variety of computer modeling, drafting and publishing software including Revit, AutoCad, Rhino, VRay and Adobe Suite Software. The University of Kansas and Städelschule exposed me to atmospheres of discovery, dynamic thinking and honed more vigorously the benefits of prioritizing and scrutinizing. A total of eighteen students were in my class-year at Städelschule, further helping to develop my independent yet team oriented thinking (a seriousness tempered by a good sense of humor and an open-mind was key). 
End: I am searching for a position that is career defining. I strongly believe that a position at your firm is a good fit for my skill set and work experience. All this and more would make me an excellent candidate; one eager to demonstrate exceptional qualities that would be an asset to your office.
Thank you and Sincerely: Scott Wright


Starbucks Coffee Company, Bellevue, WA, Barista

Sep 2012 - current

Tom Estep Design, Seattle, WA, US, Drafter and Designer

Aug 2012 - current

Omer Arbel Office (OAO), Vancouver, BC, CA, Intern

Retaining wall system with modular concrete masonry.
Immersive planned lighting installation for restaurant.
View studies for renovation of classic 1950’s modernist.

Mar 2012 - May 2012

wroad, Los Angeles, CA, US, Intern

Lingerie Pop display system design.
Sourcing and research into methods of fabrication.
Shop drawings and using them to construct display.
Research into competitors, packaging, logos and patterns.

Nov 2011 - Feb 2012

Skene Catling de la Pena, London, GB, Intern

Interior elevations and bathroom scheduling.
Massing/volume studies for code compliance.
Client presentation booklets.
Working with team to complete construction documents.

Jul 2010 - Oct 2010

Ellenburger Construction, Overland Park, KS, US, Assistant

Worked Summer of '04,'05,'06 & '08.
Working with owner to ensure proper supplies reach site.
Client consultations with owner on a variety of home issues from total renovation to HVAC system.
Installation and replacement of HVAC and insulation.

May 2008 - Aug 2008

Kansas Sampler, Overland Park, KS, US, Receiving Supervisor

Proper and courteous customer service.
Inventory management and distribution.
Work effectively with store team and managers.

Aug 2002 - Dec 2002


Staedelschule, State University of the Arts Frankfurt, Frankfurt am Main, DE, Masters, Advanced Architectural Design

Free but intense and rigorous architectural method, experienced within the creative structure of an art academy. Thesis and theory paper - the use of technology, knowledge and play within Sci-fi moviescapes and the increasing and invading interface between humans and technic-buildings as the impetus that drives the action and rebellion.

Oct 2009 - Nov 2011

The University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS, US, MArch, Architecture

Time management and priority scheduling, as I was working on both degrees concurrently as well as being involved in campus organization. Creative thinking to find solutions to new types of problems (artistic, academic and technical) with regard to architecture and religious studies.

Jan 2003 - May 2009

The University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS, US, Bachelors, Religious Studies

Time management and priority scheduling, as I was working on both degrees concurrently as well as being involved in campus organization. Creative thinking to find solutions to new types of problems (artistic, academic and technical) with regard to architecture and religious studies.

Jan 2003 - May 2009

Areas of Specialization