Marisa Toldo

Marisa Toldo

Berlin, DE



My name is Marisa Toldo and I’m an architect and intercultural communicator with a strong sales oriented mind.

Venezuelan born with in an Italian background, I started my career as an architect working in conjunction with my University Professor in Venezuela, then moved on to the large scale constructions in Spain, and since 2010 I´m based in Berlin and work on local and international projects. I speak Spanish, Italian, English and German where I understand virtually everything and join in on conversations with ease.

I believe in tailor-made solutions, as every project is unique! My goal is to create a space you desire and need, and ensure that it is a solid and attractive investment. For that reason in each project I evaluate all factors involved: project scope, personal significance, cost & schedule, site requirements, construction technology, project environmental factors, cultural consciousness and not to forget- an economic component – just how to minimise cost and maximise quality. 

My approach is very straightforward; I’m goal oriented and want you to get the very best results from your project, to keep it affordable, honest and accurate.

Let me help you create the space you deserve!


Space your Place®, Berlin, DE, Architect, CEO

Space Your Place helps your company to adopt home office solutions for your employees in a safe, productive and cost-efficient way.
We design home office spaces adapted to each employee’s spatial, sensorial and work needs, that help them boost their productivity and satisfaction.

Jan 2020 - current

Marisa Toldo Architect, Berlin, DE, Architect

Architect (freelance)
Customer service and advice
Interprofessional and interdisciplinary team management
Intercultural communication skills
Space your Place®(ongoing), Berlin
Change of use private customers, Berlin
DoMeditation co-creaction, Berlin
Loft interior design, (LPh 1-8), Berlin
Office interior design, (LPh 1-3), Berlin
Housing construction (LPh 1-6), Uruguay
Boutique Hotel (LPh 1-4), Uruguay
Rectory (LPh 1-3), Colombia
Social housing (LPh 1-3), Colombia

Jan 2008 - Dec 2019

Pittsburgh Corning Europe, Barcelona, ES, Sales Manager, Catalonia, Balearic Islands, Aragon and Andorra

Established a new office in Barcelona. (Belgium headquarters)
Developed new client contacts from scratch.
Development of the business strategy for Spain.
Build-up an authorised application and distributors partner.
Developed contact with building´s companies, for developing new systems.
Provided technical consultancy for the clients.
Construction Management on job sites and supervision on the execution process.
Developed a new business unit image and product line presentation.
Trade Fair Exhibitor work in Barcelona, Madrid, Porto.
Extensive travel.

Aug 2006 - May 2008

Reberma Reformas, Barcelona, ES, Representative Manager, Catalonia.

Established a new office in Barcelona (Madrid headquarters).
Developed new client contacts from scratch.
Building constructions service, in new buildings and rehabilitation's.
Provided clients with technical and economic analysis.
Supervision and construction management, in turn-key projects.
Clients: Telefónica de España, Telyco(Movistar), Metrovacesa, BBVA, Total.

Jun 2002 - May 2006

Eduardo Guillén y Asociados, Caracas, VE, Architect,

Project Design and Construction Management.
Project for IMF: Hospital del Sur 80.000m2 & Hospital de Cabimas 36.000m2
Reformation of 13 hospitals to relocate 2.512 hospital beds.
Automotive park, gas stations and facilities by car highway Valencia-Puerto Cabello.
Houses and other projects.

Apr 1998 - Jan 2001


Universidad Católica Andrés Bello, Caracas, VE, Masters, Project Management

Postgraduate degree: Project Management.

Sep 2000 - May 2004

Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC), Barcelona, ES, Masters, The City, space and culture

Postgraduate degree: The City, space and culture

Sep 2002 - Mar 2003

Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC), Barcelona, ES, Masters, Project: Architectural Approximations

Master’s Degree: Project: Architectural Approximations

Sep 2001 - Mar 2003

Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC), Barcelona, ES, Masters, Postgraduate degree: Territory and Urban planning

Postgraduate degree: Territory and Urban planning

Sep 2001 - Mar 2002

Universidad Central de Venezuela, Caracas, VE, BArch, Arhitecture

Architect, Thesis with Honorific Mention.

Sep 1991 - Apr 1998

Areas of Specialization