Mouhamad Dabboussi

Mouhamad Dabboussi

Tripoli, LB



I am an architect and entrepreneur with 16+ years of excellent track record in executing, conceptualizing, and designing several high end turnkey projects including commercial & residential, high rises, urban development plans, interior Design, restoration & conservation. I am seeking a directorial/consultant/chief architect position with a progressive organization to provide quality livable and sustainable environments.

As mentioned in my Portfolio, I have designed and managed the execution of almost every format of real estate from residential townships to commercial spaces, high rise to restoration of heritage site in the country and abroad. I have gained mastery in almost all aspects of site management, feasibility analysis, strategic designing, standardization and client servicing. What deserves to be highlighted is my proficiency in directing all stages of each project from the documentation, pre-design phase of a project through restoration and re-use. I have consistently pursued customer satisfaction and carved a niche among the leading Architects and Consultants in the country. I have handled each project with perspective and integrity, providing quality design and timely professional services.

Throughout my tenure, I have successfully combined my technical acumen in structural and architectural design and drawings with fundamental management principles to execute major projects and endeavored to maintain a reputation for fast response and dependability. My ability to handle diverse projects, by interweaving architecture and design aspects at different levels of the project from conception to completion, has ensured successful completion of assigned projects within the scheduled deadline.

In addition to the management of my own architectural bureau, and my post as a lecturer at the post graduate faculty in the Lebanese university, I was the Manager of two construction material company in Qatar and Lebanon for four consecutive years and I gained a wide experience in, management, marketing strategies, VIP clients relationship and material outsourcing all over Spain, Italy, Turkey, India, China and the MEA. 

Arch Mouhammad Dabboussi


Dar El Meemar, Tripoli, LB, Manager, chief Architect, projects manager

Key Responsibilities:

• Establishing, facilitating and maintaining standard application architecture patterns, roadmaps, best practices and ensuring major architectural designs are consistent, maintainable, flexible and cost effective.
• Defining project objectives and plans, including delineation of scope, budgeting, scheduling, setting performance requirements and assigning field-specialists.
• Drafting concept design and establishing program requirements, preparing detailed construction drawing and interpreting the application of relevant building codes.
• Designing presentations using 3D visualization and providing innovative ideas. Generating 3D colored renderings, and getting them certified for code compliance and safety
• Monitoring, managing and directing the assigned project resources to overcome “triple constraints”—project scope, time and cost.
• Keeping a track of quality of products & services, brands, and the ongoing price of goods, determining the best source for acquiring goods and communicating with suppliers to carry out the purchase.
• Organizing meetings with sales executives of the product manufacturing firm to understand about any new products available in the market inland and abroad. Carrying out a detailed market search and survey to find what quality products are available and what prices are appropriate to be paid for the buy.
• Generating and incorporate policies and procedures pertaining to procurement and cost control. Maintaining inventory records and ensuring faulty product replacement from the supplier.

• Preparing specifications and cost estimates, detailing requisitions for equipment/ materials and coordinating work with engineering and construction units at project site.
• Coordinating with the construction managers, contractors, design teams and consultants, observing a policy of open communication to reduce risk significantly.
• Monitoring quality standards and safety measures on the site, and ensuring that all operational regulations are adhered to.
• Reconciling, monitoring and ensuring accuracy of material quantity, expenditures and vendor payments on a regular basis.
• Preparing technical reports for restoration interventions in modern buildings having different defects, such as carbonization, water infiltrations, concrete degradation, and structural failure including supporting CAD plans.
• Collecting metrics data (such as baseline, actual values for costs, schedule, work in progress, and work completed) and reports on project progress and other project specific information, to take curative actions in case of variance.
• Drafting tenders for various services and products, evaluating responses and recommending vendors/contractors.
• Ensuring satisfactory hand-over to project management department and undertaking post project responsibilities.

Jun 1996 - current


Lebanese University, Tripoli, LB, Masters, Architecture- conservation

Jan 1990 - Jun 1998

Areas of Specialization