José Malhó

José Malhó

Oporto, PT



Curriculum Vitae          
Personal information  

Name  -  José Malhó    
Date of Birth  -  27-05-1986        
Nationality  -  Portugal        
Address  -  Rua das Tojeiras, Nº13, 2460-848, Montes, Portugal        
Mobile  -  00351 915588895        
E-mail  -        
Webfolio  -      
Desired employment / Occupational field  -  Architecture        
Work experience on the desired occupation field          
      1 year at ER Studio - Architecture & Design; Porto, Portugal  ( 

Other work experience

  Summer Job - August 2000        
  S3-Furniture Industry, Lda  (Pataias - Leiria, Portugal) currently dissolved        
  Machine operator        
  Summer Job - August of: 2001, 2002, 2003        
  Ideal Molde, Moulds and Plastics, Lda. (Maceira - Leiria, Portugal –        
  Office assistant, (data base, drawing and design)        
  Quality assistant        
  Summer Job - August 2005        
  CS-Coelho da Silva. (Albergaria - Alcobaça, Portugal -        
  Employee in a company manufacturing Roof Tiles and fittings for construction        
  Summer Job - August of 2006, 2008        
  Local Farmers. (Alcobaça, Portugal)        
  Agricultural related, Fruit catcher        
  Summer Job - August of 2004, 2007, 2009        
  Adega Oceano Restaurant. (Nazaré, Portugal -        
  Waiter and Bartender        
  Summer Job - June and August of 2011        
  Larica Restaurant. (Porto, Portugal -        
Education and Training          
2004  Ingress in the course of Architecture of the University of Evora, Portugal        
2006  Transfers to the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Porto, Portugal        
2009  Studied for one year in the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Florence, Italy; in the ERASMUS program        
2011  Master Thesis: "Cohousing, Coworking: vicies and virtues of living and working in community"        
2011  Master Graduated in Architecture from University of Architecture of the University of Porto, Portugal        
2012  Internship for the Order of Architects of Portugal at ER Studio - Architecture & Design 

2010  Honored Mention in the design of the new entrance and facade of the Museum of Deportation and Resistance in Prato, Italy        
2011  Selected for exposition: competition of an Temporary Outside Bar in Porto, Portugal        
Personal Skills          
Mother tongue  -  Portuguese        
Other languages  -  English, Italian, Spanish      

Technical & computer skills           

  Autodesk REVIT

  Graphisoft Archicad        
  Autodesk Autocad        
  Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign        
  Microsoft Office Word, PowerPoint        
Basic Training

  Rhino 5 + Vray       
  Cinema 4D        
Social Skills  -  "Team spirit, good communication and cooperation skills, acquired mainly due to my studies and the relationships it requires, and my personal experience working in a restaurant as a waiter and bartender, and working with other employers in the factory jobs I had.
I find my self a person who needs or wants variety, thats why I search different jobs every summer, so I think I a have a good capability of adapting to different works and situations. I also have been living with foreign students for the last 5 years of my university studies. This way, even if I haven't work outside my country I have met a lot of different people and cultures, also due to my travels. I changed universities as well so I'm used to create and develop new friendships and relationships with other people. I like to consider my self someone with  a good communication skills, also due to the fact I played in a orchestra for 8 years and faced for several times a audience, which situation have continued in university with projects and other works presentations, generally as a group leader or speaker. I also organized events."        
Organizational skills and competences  -  By choice or not, I'm usually the group leader and, as architecture student I have experience in manage projects and project schedules.        
Artistic skills and competences  -  Even if I do not consider my self an artist, I feel myself touched by it. Son of a designer father and plastic artist mother, since little I had a direct relation with the art's world. I had musical instruction since I was 8 years old. Played Alto Saxophone in a orchestra and a marching band of juncal during the next 9 years. Currently I play Blues Harmonica by self instruction. in arts matter, I got the top grades in painting, drawing and sculpture during all years until university. Also had the top grades in the class of drawing in University of Architecture in Evora. I also had applied for several design contests, and designed the logos for one company. I also initiated a project involving comics, but never completed. I’ve designed several flyers and posters for different events, and as part of the design and communications corp of the students association of University of Evora, I am the author of the design of several publicity and posters and tickets. More recently, I got interested by the restoration of classic bicycles and other carpentry crafts. Photography is my latest theme of curiosity.        
Driving licence  -  A1, B         
Other Documents  - 

A1 - Master Degree Certificate       

A2 - Letter of Recommendation - by Arq. Eric Rodrigues, ER Studio - Architecture & Design.  
A3 - Letter of Recommendation - by Arq. João Pedro Serôdio, FAUP professor (Faculty of Architecture of University of Porto).         



ER Studio - Architecture & Design, Porto, Portugal, Intern

Internship for the Order of the Architects of Portugal. Working as an architect.

Mar 2012 - Jan 2013


University of Florence, Florence, IT, Architecture

Studied for one year during an exchange program: ERASMUS.

Sep 2009 - current

Universidade do Porto, Porto, PT, Masters, Architecture

Sep 2006 - current

University of Évora, Évora, PT, Architecture

Ingress and atended for two years before applying to transfer to Faculty of Architecture of University of Porto.

Sep 2004 - Dec 2011


competition of an Temporary Outside Bar in Porto, Portugal, Other

Selected for exposition: competition of an Temporary Outside Bar in Porto, Portugal.


design of the new entrance and facade of the Museum of Deportation and Resistance in Prato, Italy, Honorable Mention

Honorable Mention in the design of the new entrance and facade of the Museum of Deportation and Resistance in Prato, Italy.


Areas of Specialization