Alberto Faliva

Alberto Faliva

Milan, IT



Architect, interior designer, 3D visualizer and Architectural researcher (collaboration with Architects P.Louis Faloci, Atelier Ternes-RPBW in Paris, Guido Canali, and 6 years with Gregotti Associati International, Milan) degree with prof.Howard Burns and M.Chatenet, IUAV-Venezia, PhD in CESR Tours -France- with prof. Y.Pauwels, and PhD in Reading with prof. P.Davies, UK. Honorary Research Fellow in the University of Leicester, UK with prof. D.Ekserdjian. Senior Architect for the new BBraun offices in Melsungen/Germany with Wilford Schupp architects (James Stirling) and Prisma Milan. Author of the interior design - with Prisma Milan- for corporations offices in Milan (Azimut, Prelios, Lidl, Accenture, Fujitsu, Fastweb). Author of the interior design for a Luxury hotel in Parma (Italy) and of several retail design (3d viz.for Giorgio Armani). Coordinator of a series of conferences (with Oscar winners like Dante Ferretti, emeritus professors like J.Rykwert, M.Gregori, V.Gregotti) about the ephemeral world of scenography and contemporary art - architecture, and an exhibition about the Renaissance villa, in New York -NYU-, in Paris (with prof. Alain Erlande Brandenburg for the Musee National de la Renaissance, and prof. R.J.Knecht, with a second step in the Hotel de Galliffet, Paris) and Casa del Mantegna in Mantua, palazzo Roncadelli Manna in Cremona with prof. R.Ingersoll, Catalogue Electa), with a third step in London (Westminster Univ., LFA, 2015). Author -with M. Tonon- of the first software (with six degrees of freedom for any OS), which allows interactions (without glasses or helmets) with a simple webcam, for the user in front of a giant render (Photorealistic) in real-time: the user simply moves the head and the image shows the depth of the space. 

Specialties: Architecture / Art exhibitions / Interior Design / innovative Visualisation softwares / renders / Urban Planning / Photography / Innovations / Art and Architecture researcher


Gregotti Associati International, Architect

Winner for III position, International architecture Cremona Railway Station Competition, architectural drawings for the new settlement of Pujiang New Town and Ningbo (China), for PortoViro (Italy), architectural for the preservation plan of Tivoli (Rome), and ricetto of Casalbeltrame (Novara) , architectural history drawings Exposition in chateau d’Ecouen (Paris) and Casa del Mantegna (Mantova) with prof.Alain Erlande Brandenburg, Renaissance Franco-Italienne.

Mar 2004 - Dec 2009

Università degli Studi di Brescia, ASSISTANT

Faculty of Engineering-Architecture , University of Brescia, Italy; HISTORY OF ARCHITECTURE COURSE, ASSISTANT

Jan 2001 - Jul 2003

Studio Guido Canali, ARCHITECT

Staff architect and Honorary Fellow Università di Ferrara, faculty of architecture,
Course of Architectural Composition prof. Guido Canali.

Jan 2001 - Mar 2002



Jan 1997 - Feb 1998

Agence Pierre-Louis Faloci, Architect

drawings of Palais de Justice de Narbonne (competition)

Mar 1995 - Jul 1996


University of Reading, PhD, HISTORY OF ART

The pseudo-fortified villa in the plain of the Po river during the 16th century.

Nov 2008 - current

University of Leicester, PhD, HONORARY RESEARCH FELLOW

Research about Renaissance architects Francesco and Giuseppe Dattaro
with prof. David Ekserdjian, History of Art and film Depart., Leicester University

Jan 2006 - Dec 2007

Centre d'Études Supérieures de la Renaissance, PhD, HISTORY OF ARCHITECTURE

The chateau de Madrid in Paris (1527) and the Renaissance architects Francesco and Giuseppe Dattaro, from Cremona. Research about French-Italian connections on XVIth century.

Nov 2001 - Dec 2004

Università IUAV di Venezia, BArch, Architecture

Dissertation with prof.Howard Burns, History of Architecture.
The Renaissance architects Francesco and Giuseppe Dattaro, from Cremona.

Nov 1992 - Jan 2001


International architecture Cremona Railway Station Competition, 3rd Place

Winner for III position, International architecture Cremona Railway Station Competition


Areas of Specialization