Sebastian Buitron

Sebastian Buitron

Quito, EC



As many people think, being an architect and a designer only involves working with the aesthetic features of things. However, for me, Design is a field that can optimize the value of space, furniture, project, team, etc.
As it might be seen then, this field is not only related to construction and building and how aesthetically proportioned they should be. Design is a lot more. It allows us to adapt the designs for specific purposes such as social, environmental, etc.
Nowadays, I am in a Master’s Degree Program in Design management, in order to try to combine my ideas with the way in which I can approach design without just thinking about the value of aesthetics. This gives people a great opportunity to be able to change the work flow in a lot of industries, not only in construction or design.
Regarding my skills, I am able to use a lot of CAD programs such as VectorWorks, AUTOCAD for creating first sketches. Moreover, I know how to use Google Sketch Up, Illustrator, Photoshop, Office, and iWork.
During my undergraduate studies at the university, I won honorable mentions for two of my projects: The first one in 4th level, and the second one in 7th level.


Spacios-Diseño & arquitectura, Quito, EC, Designer

Space planning includes interior and furniture design

May 2011 - Oct 2011

BMC del Ecuador, Quito, EC, BMC exposition Stantd

design, project manager, and advertisement manager.

Jan 2011 - May 2011

IDEL, Patricio Freire, Quito, EC, Project Manager

building project manager, and blueprint approval.

Apr 2009 - Nov 2009


UPC School of Professional Development, Barcelona, ES, Design management

Design is much more than simply sketching or defining forms, objects and products. For a long time now companies have been depending on Design Managers, professionals who work on design as a global process, to look beyond the obvious things that everyone sees. Design is an important asset for a company and it must be planned and managed strategically to provide a business or institution with an identity and a leading role in the market while helping it achieve profitability and customer loyalty.

Design Managers have the opportunity to demonstrate how design can help link creativity with innovation in a way that both concepts can create added value. Design can include a wide array of activities that include planning and developing procedures, technical specifications and other functional characteristics of new products or services.

The task of a Design Manager is to develop, organise, plan and oversee the design resources within an organisation. Products and services created in this way focus on the needs of the client and business objectives at the same time. This course seeks to make the Design Manger an official position given that this position already exists in companies and institutions and because up until now there has not been any specific training dedicated to this area of specialisation.

Nov 2011 - current

Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador, Quito, EC, BArch, Architecture

Mar 2002 - Apr 2010

Areas of Specialization