Chris Austin

Chris Austin

Baltimore, MD, US




Experienced in residential and commercial design. Hand sketching, fancy computer programs, and french press coffee all in my repertoire. Plays well with models. Likes adaptive reuse and interesting materials. Dislikes vacant lots and Architectural Digest. Likely to be found scavenging alleys for salvaged materials.

It all started during the summer of the mid 80's. Throughout my childhood I have disassembled various electronics, engines, & even dug a hole under the foundation of my mothers house to find out "where the brick ends". My thirst to discover how things worked still to this day has yet to be quenched. Building forts in the woods with scraps of woods proved to be both educational & dangerous, but scraps heal can callous harden thus galvanizing the man I am today.

In my personal work, I seeks to manipulate the common and unnoticed into something delightfully bizarre. Stretching the boundaries of the conventional, I question, learn, practice and takes no prisoners. Along with a desire to make good things, I haves a penchant for European accents.

Sorry mom, I never did put that VCR back together.



Leo A. Daly, Architectural Inturn

No CAD monkey nonsense here, I was hired personally by the design director. I worked on some real large scale projects ranging from mixed use towers in Phoenix AZ, a school for the arts in Hawaii, a office building for a sheik in Dubai, to a military institute in glorious nation of Kazakhstan.

From design development, model building, urban planning, to graphic design presentation for final delivery it was a experience not to forget.

Jun 2006 - May 2008


Arizona State University, BArch, Architecture

Was able to cross pollinate studies as a result of having gone to community college, audited studio design courses in landscape, graphic, industrial, urban planning, and furniture design. Sweated, hiked, learned how to rock climb, and partaken of a few micro brews along the way.

Jan 2007 - May 2009

Areas of Specialization