Angela Monteiro

Angela Monteiro

Porto, PT



About me

I'm a creative person with production capacity, particularly in terms of project-design, drawing, theoretical and conceptual thinking intrinsic to the architectural process.

Interests includes, Photography, Painting, Design and a widespread absorption of areas that are converging with the architecture or that complements the architectural thought.

Reading habits reveals a complement to a personal and professional growth in several subjects including Anthropology, Philosophy, beyond Art and Architecture.


Academic Portfolio -

Artistic Works -

Selection of paintings -


Fifth Academic year; Discipline - Eco- Urbanism;

Study sketch for a re-qualification of a public space in Porto;


"Without an Object" (50x50), October ,2011 ( acrylic paint )



Architect office of Eduardo J. F. Marta Cruz, Matosinhos, PT, Internship in the Architec office

As principal activities and responsibilities I emphasize architectural project development of housing as well as various types of architecture planning.
Verification of projects to be proposed in the respective Municipal Council, development of architectural details from being trough final phases of construction as well as accompaniment on construction sites.

Elaboration and coordination of an architecture project for a Portuguese Architecture Competition,
entitled “Concurso do Museu do Carro Eléctrico no Porto”, a competition mainly about the rehabilitation of the Museum of the Electric Car in Porto.

Jan 2010 - Oct 2010


ESAP - Escola Superior Artistica do Porto, Porto,PT, Masters, Integrated Master's Degree in Architecture

As principal disciplines and professional competences i nominate, academic works of Architecture Projects including various scales and program complexity, Urban planning, Ecological Urbanism.
Various academic works that involved Architectural Theory and development of Drawing as a fundamental part of the architecture planning and exercise.

Also, acquirements of Construction as an essential part of the architectural process, the recognition of the importance of the study and development of Construction Details as a significant part of the Architectural thinking and planning.

Software knowledge
4 years- ArchiCAD & Photoshop;
2 years - Adobe InDesign, Illustrator;
1 year - AutoCad;

Sep 2002 - Dec 2009

Areas of Specialization