David Sherley

David Sherley

West New York, NJ, US



I am passionate about & fascinated by urban vibrance and diversity - the connection between the urban public realm, the mixed-use that surrounds it and the vibrant diversity of human life & interaction that can synergistically develop.  I have worked on facets of this dynamic across a wide variety of project types in architecture (17 yrs.), in community building & property management (3 yrs.) and in construction (8 yrs.).


My passion for urban vibrance and diversity began to grow during a return to school to do an M.Arch, mid-career in architectural practice.  I began perceiving architectural and urban design as a continuum and infusing both with socio-economic & social justice perspectives.  After graduating, I moved to Chicago where I worked to explore synergies between public space, mixed-use and community building.  My work there includes property management in very unique circumstances and formation of a socio-business community building initiative named Envisionarium.  My wife and I now live in wonderfully vibrant and diverse NYC, where I am looking to contribute to developing more livable environments.

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Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA, US, MArch, Architecture

Program not completed

Sep 1982 - Jan 1984

Yale University, New Haven, CT, US, Bachelors, Architecture

Liberal arts education with a focus on architectural design.

Sep 1976 - Jun 1981

Areas of Specialization