Matthew Mini

Matthew Mini

Santa Rosa West, CA, US



My name is Matthew Mini and I am currently seeking a full-time position working in the Architecture & Sustainable building industry.  I am open to any type of job in this growing field.  I am 37 years old and I live in Santa Rosa with my wife and our 2 children.  I have quite a bit of practical experience in construction through my own life experiences and endeavors.  My father was a contractor, and while I was growing up I learned the basics from him.  I’m well educated on the matter of green building and energy.  I have a bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a minor in Environmental studies and Passive Solar Design.  I have been certified by Berkeley based “Build it Green” as a green building professional, and I’m currently taking night classes at the San Francisco Institute of Architecture (SFIA) working towards a masters degree in Sustainable Architecture.  I will be finishing up my degree in March of 2012.  My ultimate goal is to design and build self-sustaining buildings for residence and other purposes. I strongly believe that it is imperative to the evolution of our society to build sustainably in order to protect the environment.  My education also includes plenty of hands on drafting, and a few different CAD programs.  As you can see, my experience is well rounded.

At work, I am efficient and hard working with exceptional customer service skills.  I am positive that you will find my integrity, reliability and passion for sustainability an asset to your company.  I would also like to mention that I am willing to travel for work and I would definitely consider relocation.


Self Employed, Santa Rosa West, CA, US, Landscaping, Urban farming

Landscaping, gardening, urban farming, building chicken coops, property maintenance, and handyman work.

Oct 2009 - current


San Francisco Institute of Architecture, Berkeley, CA, US, MArch, Sustainable Design

Sustainable Design, Architecture, CAD, Sketchup & Revit

Jan 2009 - current