Artie Copeland

Artie Copeland

Valley Stream, NY, US



December 11, 2011

Arthur Copeland
61 Carroll Ave.
Valley Stream, N.Y. 11580

Human Resources Rep.
  I am a graduate of an Architectural Drafting College, while doing research involving Architectural and Engineering companies, my attention was captured by your company’s posting for an Architectural AutoCAD Drafter. With today’s economic state of our nation most consider money a first priority. However I consider experience, training and education invaluable. I also recently completed an academic program at Hunter Business School majoring in Computer Repair Technology, Electronics and Networking.  With this being said, I would love an opportunity to demonstrate my expertise and creative abilities. As a team player I will bring to your company a positive attitude and excellent work ethics to help boost productivity and morale. With my extensive training and education in AutoCAD and Architectural fundamentals, I am confident that I can fulfill a position with the utmost efficiency.
     While attending classes at Island Drafting Institute I was afforded the opportunity to intern for a small architectural company that specialized in storefront windows and entryways where I prepared take-offs used to submit   construction bids. I’ve also held positions in the MEP/HVAC industry using AutoCAD applications for design work. Converting Architectural plans to plumbing plans using X-refs and backgrounds illustrating piping and duct sizes elevations and locations.
. My last position allowed me to assist in office design for an interior Architectural Designer.  I took the liberty to attach my resume to review at your convenience. I’m sure I can be a positive asset to your company and I look forward to demonstrating my capabilities. I hope you will be interested in meeting with me. Thank you for your time.

                                                                                                      Arthur Copeland


Omnitech Designs Ltd., Great Neck Plaza, NY, US, AutoCAD Architectural Drafter

Developed preliminary designs for client approval
Documented field measurements to produce as-built autocad drawings
Provided new construction designs to submit for Architect inspection and approval

Jun 2008 - Jan 2009

Par Plumbing Inc., Lynbrook, NY, US, Autocad Operator

Converted Architectural floor plans into new design Plumbing plans using AutoCAD design software.
Revised existing plumbing plans for new construction.
Documented and filed new designs for future company reference.
Submitted new designs to plumbing Engineer for inspection and approval.

Nov 2007 - Jun 2008

Empire Architectural Products, Freeport, NY, US, Architectural Drafter

Provided take-offs of existing window and storefront units to compile BOMs of new construction and intallations.
Resposible for providing as built drawings and documentation of new construction units.

May 2007 - Nov 2007


Hunter Business School, Levittown, NY, US, Computer Repair Technology, Electronics and Networking

Computer Repair , Hard drive intallation, RAM intallation, Operating System Intallation, upgrades of all system components. System maintenance and Performance evaluation.Network topology evaluation. Electronics, component level testing and assembly.

Jun 2010 - Jan 2011

Island Drafting Technical Institute, Amityville, NY, US, Architectural Drafting and AutoCAD Design

Architectural / Mechanical Drafting Fundamentals. Basic Architectural structure design and construction. Autocad operation , Autocad 3D design.

Sep 2005 - Nov 2007