Robert Siefert

Robert Siefert

Houston, TX, US



   During the economic downturn, I returned to operating a small Residential Design Build business. I have 13 years of construction experience as a residential contractor and master carpenter.  During these years the work I performed is very similar to my architectural experience with a few exceptions. I often had many clients with wildly different expectations, and while some design & drafting was done, most production work was spent as a carpenter and project manager. My true passion, however is Architecture. I have recently closed out all my projects and liquidated my company assets and am seeking to return to a professional position in Architecture or Construction. I am open to a number of positions and willing to travel. I am also open to relocation in Texas.

   Whether they are my own or another, large or small, simple or complex. I have a passion for making ideas come to life. I am seeking a production position with a design firm, where I can contribute to a team and work at a higher level of efficiency and volume of quality projects.  I know how buildings go together down to the nuts and bolts, how to detail and specify, and manage the projects in the office and in construction.

I am an intermediate level Architectural Designer with 7 years experience in Commercial and some Residential Architecture. I typically have worked for small firms where I handle all aspects and responsibilities of each project including: Drafting and development of Construction Documents, writing and editing specifications, making material selections, Project Management, supervising interns, meeting with clients, consultants, and regulatory officials, coordinating consultants work, QA/QC, permitting, bidding & value engineering, & construction administration.  I have typically worked under the Principal Architect with a large degree of freedom to complete the work to his standards and design goals. 

I am currently pursuing licensure through the IDP and am looking to complete the remaining requirements. I am interested in certification in any of the industry add-on certifications. LEED, PMP, CSI, join the AIA, or whatever you as an employer may need. LEED cerrtifications have become increasingly specialized, so I would want to pursue the one appropriate to your firms work. I have been 30 Hour OSHA certified in the past, and can do so again if your firm needs it for working with specific owners.

With regard to software, I got my first computer when I was 10 years old. I still remember writing code in Basic when the Macintosh still had the green and black screens. I have been using AutoCAD since 1996.  Now there are thousands of 2D drafting software and 3D drafting / BIM / animation / solid modeling / CNC productions out there. I can learn any software you want me to use, very quickly.   When the project requires it, I produce very detailed sets of drawings and specifications to reduce the workload in CA.  I am also able to use your drafting software, standards, and stock details for fast production.  More importantly, I know how do everything Revit can do, without the aid of a computer program. 

I am interested in finding a position within a design firm, or a Registered Architect business partner who can do sales, design presentation, and marketing.  Bring me your projects and I will produce them. Please take a look at my resume on Linked In and contact me for an interview, or just to network.



Siefert Design Build, Houston, TX, US, Owner / Operator

I own and operate a small residential design and construction business. I market through networking and often my clients have dreams of a new kitchen or bathroom. I design to suit their dreams. Just some of the tasks I perform: design, produce drawings, estimates, contracts, specify materials, hire and manage subcontractors, and deliver a complete project with the goal of a 100% satisfied client. I perform the carpentry portions of the work where the project allows for it.

May 2009 - current


University of Houston, Houston, TX, US, BArch, Architechture

Bachelor of Architecture - 5yr professional degree = normal workload plus three hours of studio every day of the week for five years.

Minor in Construction Management - Estimating; Materials, means, and methods; Project Management

Jun 1993 - Dec 1998

Areas of Specialization