Peter F Smith

Peter F Smith

Grand Rapids, MI, US



Known for design oriented Eastern styled residential work centered on stone and Shingle Style designs, Peter brings enormous experience to the Michigan area, working
with complex client driven programs, and responding to their thoughts and needs in a regional vernacular. Using an extensive education at the University of Minnesota and
Harvard, he brings his client's wishes to fruition by working extensively in 3d, and following precepts garnered from FengShui, Jungian architypes and other organizing principles. Dignified architecture for discriminating clients.
His goals are to work and practice in health & hospital design, ideally in a Theological context. He is currently pursuing a Graduate School approach to this goal, and welcomes any ideas or projects that may fall into this area.


Ankrom Moisan Architects, Portland, OR, US, Illustrator, Designer

Jan 2000 - current


University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN, US, BArch, Architecture School

Architecture, Urban Design, Computer Animation, Theory
Professional Degree

Jun 1990 - current


AIA Student Representative, 1st Place

I traveled to Washington and Philadelphia, representing the University of Minnesota


Areas of Specialization