Sherataun Nuss

Sherataun Nuss

Brooklyn, NY, US





54 Harrison Place, #1R, Brooklyn, NY 11237

401.489. 5371  -  -

Rhode Island School of Design / RISD, Providence, RI                                                                     
Master of Architecture ‘11
RISD Graduate Fellowship

Brown University, Providence, RI
Harriet W. Sheridan Center for Teaching & Learning, Teaching Certificate I, 05.11

l’Ecole National Superieure d'Architecture de Versailles / ENSAV / SAPV,  Versailles, France  
International Travel-Study Program for Architecture, 09.06 – 05.07

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign / UIUC, Urbana-Champaign, IL                                       
Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies ‘08

WORK EXPERIENCE, New York, NY - Content Director, 08.11 – present
Work directly under company founder/CEO; Maintain communications w/ member-contractors; Manage social networking communications & public relations; Produce original content for newsletters, website, & blog; Visit & photograph projects under-construction.

MRTA Design Construction Inc., New York, NY - Intern, 06.10 – 09.10
Designed interface & generated content for new company website; Performed collaborative design work for theoretical architectural projects & competitions.

UIUC Rare Book & Manuscript Library, Urbana, IL - Reference & Curatorial Assistant, 10.04 – 06.08
Provided general reference for patrons, as well as retrieval & management of rare & precious materials; Assisted Special Collections curators in exhibition planning & design; Oversaw specialized orders for office & archival supplies; Performed e-mail & telephone correspondence for event-planning/coordinating; Prepared specialized maps for visitors; Initiated & carried-out switch to all-digital filing system.

Proficient in - AutoCAD, Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office Suite, Rhino
Experience with - Revit, SketchUp, Max/MSP/Jitter, Arduino, Processing, Audacity, iMovie

Developing conceptual line of narrative / reasoning
Approaching problems from diverse perspectives / empathy
Synthesizing visual compositions across various forms of media / aesthetics
Formulating critical analysis and keeping attention to detail / inquiry + scrutiny
Hand drafting, drawing & model making; Ability to quickly learn new computer programs
Excellent writing skills; Conversational French & Spanish

Henry Dietrich Fernandez Award for Excellence in History & Theory of Architecture, Nominee
RISD Graduate Thesis Exhibition 2011 - Spring 2011, Dunkin Donut  Center, Providence, RI
RISD Dept. of Architecture Triennial - Winter 2011, Woods-Gerry Gallery, Providence, RI
Green RISD 2010: Nature, Culture, Innovation - Spring 2010. BEB Gallery, Providence, RI
Midwest Book & Manuscript Studies Exhibition (Curatorial) - Summer 2008. RBML, Urbana, IL
Courtyard Housing Design Competition Exhibition - Fall 2007, Portland, OR
Plato's Timeaus (Curatorial)  - Fall 2007, RBML, Urbana, IL
ENSAV/SAPV Annual - Spring 2007, Versailles, France
Focus:  Unheard Voices in the Wider Community - Spring 2006, Link Gallery, Champaign, IL

Complexity, 'Comedie' & Contradiction:  An Historical Analysis of the Theatre de l'Odeon
ENSAV/SAPV Selected Works, 1 essay, Spring 2007

“Elsewhere in the News”
Hip Times, Serial No. 01, Soy Bean Press, Urbana, IL; 1 article, Spring/Summer  2011


Sep 2008 - Jun 2011
Aug 2004 - May 2008
Aug 2006 - May 2007

Areas of Specialization