Joao Santos

Joao Santos

New York, NY, US



Throughout my eight years of professional experience, I have worked in Lisbon, the Netherlands and New York. My most recent and longest office experience has been at Davis Brody Bond, where I have been employed since October 2006. I have had the opportunity to work on several very technically and design-wise challenging projects at all phases.

Before becoming a licensed Architect in Portugal in 2004, I had the opportunity to work at Promontorio Arquitectos in Lisbon, Portugal where I participated in a number of major projects including the Hotel Vila Moura in Algarve, Portugal, the Toledo Shopping Center, Spain, an interior renovation for a house located in the center of Lisbon, Portugal, among others.

In 2004 I moved to the Netherlands, where I worked at VHP on remarkable projects such as the Transferium of Barneveld, Netherlands, a fast-track public pedestrian walkway and parking garage project. It was extremely demanding in the construction document phase. It utilized primarily pre-fabricated construction elements, and the design process went from schematic design to 100% completion of construction in less than one year.

In 2005 and also in the Netherlands, I worked at Doll Architects on the design phase for the City Hall of Haarlem, a proposal that was predicated on the notion of bringing together under one roof, several government departments that were formerly scattered all over the city. With a natural form, the building succeeds in interacting harmoniously with its surroundings, and due to its confidential program, one of the major design requirements was to have a high percentage of opacity on its façade and an extremely dynamic interior.

In 2006 I further expanded my career experience at Davis Brody Bond in New York, USA, where I participated in numerous projects ranging from design phase to construction documents. I played an integral role on the construction documents team for the World Trade Center Memorial-Museum in New York, USA.
More recently I was an essential member of the Revit team for the Columbia University Manhattanville project, in design partnership with Renzo Piano’s office. It was an extremely demanding and complex lab building which necessitated a very high level of coordination between the MEP engineers, lab consultants, and architect. It is the largest and most technically complex project done in the world thus far using the BIM software Revit.

I am an extremely motivated and ambitious professional, skilled in all the most relevant industry software, and with a highly developed design sense. I believe I can be a great asset to any firm.



Davis Brody Bond, LLP, New York, NY, US, Architect

Columbia Manhattanville Mixed-used Development | April 2010 – November 2011
Performed an invaluable role as a Revit-proficient architect during the design development and construction phase of the Manhattanville Phase 1 Project, the Central Energy Plant and the Jerome L. Green Center for Mind Brain and Behavior Research, as a member of the project architect team of Davis Brody Bond, in collaboration with the design architect Renzo Piano Building Workshop. Is fluent with Revit, which is an incredibly complicated BIM program that forces one to become fully intimate with the project, as every change in the model affects many different elements, and exposes coordination issues that may have otherwise not been apparent. This program made it possible to coordinate between the complex requirements of the research facility program, the design architect’s precise design requirements, and the complex mechanical systems.
Is one of the only people in the office to become proficient with Navisworks, which is a valuable tool for coordination between the architectural and consultant’s BIM models. This program allowed us to achieve a 100% coordination rate for the CEP project between the structural, MEP and architectural models.
Primary responsibilities in the MBB project included working on RCPs, by locating mechanical and lighting devices and making sure that they were coordinated with the MEP models; the loading dock, which is a very public portion of the project, and interfaces with Renzo Piano’s curtain wall design; and numerous issues with the below grade laboratory portion of the project. Initiated and delegated tasks to interns and assisted them in learning Revit. Assisted other team members with Revit issues, and was always available to help out with others’ tasks when they were overloaded.

World Trade Center Museum | September 2006 – April 2008
Collaborated on one of the most culturally significant projects of this century, the World Trade Center Museum in the World Trade Center Site, Lower Manhattan, USA. This project owes its complexity first and foremost to having to deal with a very recent tragic terrorist event in NYC, and all the raw sentiments inherent to it; and secondly to the vast number of consultants and parties involved in the design process. This is one of the most important museums of our era, a project without precedent, where the location of the memorial is the same as the site of attack. Due to its being an underground museum utilizing surviving elements of the original World Trade Center Towers, it was necessary to run several studies on what impact this space would have on the site and what feelings they would evoke from visitors. In order to attain the highest standard of design, numerous schemes were developed in order to select the one that best suited the desired intent. I was very closely involved with the design and production of construction documents for this project, which is to be revealed in 2013.

Also collaboration in
Competition for the MOMA of Warsaw, Poland;
Competition for the NYU (New York University) in New York, USA;
Competition for the Yunnan Museum in China;
Design for a master plan for Jeddha, Saudi Arabia;
Pre-schematic until Construction Phase of a factory for Valeo Transmissions at San Luis Potosi, Mexico;
Development of Design Phase for the Gillette factory in Irapuato, Mexico;
Design Study for the LINAC upgrade to the Cornell Electron Storage Ring, Ithaca NY, USA;
New conceptual image for an Intercontinental Hotel brand for Budva, Montenegro;
Guarani Stadium proposal for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil;
Construction Document phase in collaboration with Rafael Moneo for the North West Science Building in Columbia University, Manhattan NYC

Sep 2006 - Nov 2011

Döll Atelier voor Bouwkunst, Rotterdam, NL, Junior Architect

Design development phase for the new municipality office in Haarlem, Netherland;
Design development of the Murano project, Zaanstad, Netherland.
Preparation of the final image for a group of housing building in Zaanstad

Sep 2005 - Jan 2006

VHP architects + urbanists + landscape architects, Rotterdam, NL, Junior Architect

Competition for a bicycle parking facility adjacent to the central station of Haarlem, Netherlands;
Design development and Construction documents for the Railroad Transferium of Barneveld, Netherlands;
Design development of a housing block in Hilversum, Netherlands

Nov 2004 - Apr 2005

Promontório Architects, Lisbon, PT, Intern Architect

Design development and Construction documents phases for the Shopping Center in Toledo, Spain;
Design studies for the new Forum Setubal, Portugal;
Design Development for the 5 stars Hotel Tivoli Victoria in Algarve, Portugal;
Design studies and implementation of a new mixed-use program including a casino, hotel and apartments on a existing high rise concrete structure, in Troia, Portugal;
Redesign and coordination of the layout of a kitchen on a house dating from the 19th century in the center of Lisbon, Portugal

Feb 2003 - Apr 2004


Universidade Lusíada de Lisboa, Lisbon, PT, BArch, Architecture

Sep 1996 - Oct 2002

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