Kevin Werme

Kevin Werme

Boston, MA, US



I'm a recent graduate from the University of Massachusetts with a BS in Fine Arts in Architecture. I unfortunately have no professional experience but am currently seeking an entry-level job in the field. This is an important building block towards developing my career in design, for I would like some real world, hands-on training before eventually returning to school to earn a master's degree. During my time as an undergraduate, I cycled through multiple majors (Animal Science, Civil Engineering) before choosing architecture. When I finally tried it I knew it was going to be long hours and hard work, but no matter how many all-nighters I pulled; design was something I enjoyed so much that I knew no other major would suffice. Even though I've never had an internship or professional job in architecture, I've held various part-time and seasonal jobs over the course of both high school and college. Some of theses included a dairy farmer, bartender, and tenter for a tenting/event company. Most of the positions I've held have involved some form of physical labor, but it has taught me the meaning of good work ethic, and how rewarding a job can be if it's something you enjoy. Architecture, I enjoy!



The BridgeSide Grille, Sunderland, MA, Bartender

Work as a bartender part-time at a pub-style family restaurant three nights/week.

Oct 2009 - current

Yankee Tents, Montague, MA, Tenter

Tenting company that sets up events such as weddings, reunions, graduations, fairs, etc. Event though we are techincally in the event/rental business, I feel as though the position has opened my eyes to alternative forms of dwellings and construction. There is a stringent process involved when setting up a tent in order to achieve perfectly stretched membrane with good aesthetics, and it's a procedure that can be applied to any tent, whether its 30ft. or 300ft. Working for Yankee Tents has also stimulated an interest in non-traditional building material: canvas, and vinyl; which are the two types of tents we put up.

Apr 2007 - current

Mt. Toby Farm, Sunderland, MA, US, Farmer

I first got a job on the dairy farm by being hired as a milker. This means twice a day, every day, at 4:00am and 3:30pm. After a while, my responsibilities began to inculde cleaning and the completion of daily chores. By the time I left the farm I was also feeding, doing field work, and was relied upon for general maintenance. I quit the farm after I graduated in order to pursue a career in design.

Apr 2005 - Aug 2011


University of Massachusetts Amherst, Amherst, MA, US, BArch, Fine Arts in Architecture

Sep 2008 - May 2011

University of Vermont, Burlington, VT, US, Civil Engineering

studied at UVM for 2 years before transfering to UMass in 2008

Sep 2006 - May 2008


Dean's List, Other

Awarded Dean's List multiple semesters for maintaining a 3.0 GPA at both UMass and UVM


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