Beatriz García López

Beatriz García López

Gandía, ES



My name is Beatriz García López. I was born in Valencia, Spain, the 27th  May 1982.
I finished my university studies at the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia in 2009 at the Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura.
The architect Engineer Degree involves six years of university studies plus the composition of a Final Project.
The first three years of study concern a wide mathematical and physical formation. Last years include more specialized subjects like Structures, Construction and Projects, three essential subjects to start to think a building correctly. Of course we learn Architecture’s History and the Master architects.
In 2007 I participate in an Erasmus program in Gent, Belgium, where I had the opportunity to work hand by hand with foreign students and improve my level of English. Last year of study consist on development of a Final Project, called Master Thesis too, which is corrected by a jury composed by professors of my school in Valencia. Each year the jury choose a different kind of building, in my case I had to do a hybrid fifty-story tower, with hotel, offices and stores.
That year I combined my Final Project with a collaboration fellowship at Cátedra Blanca, a very important department at our university. This department invites some architecture studies of worldwide renown to show us their architecture.
When I finished my university studies last year, I started to study the PhD in Architectonic Projects, where we study in depth Masters of Architecture, like Mies Van der Rohe, Le Corbusier..., materials of construction, like concrete, or landscape architecture.
Next year I’ll start my Master Thesis to be a Doctor.
In addition to my vocational training I started to work  in a architecture studio, Arqoarquitectos.


Arqoarquitectos, Torrevieja, ES, Architect

I helped with the design of the dwellings: drawings, plans, models...

Apr 2011 - Aug 2011


Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Valencia, ES, BArch, Architecture

Sep 2000 - Jul 2009

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