Antonio Gomez Fortuna, AIA NCARB ARB

Antonio Gomez Fortuna, AIA NCARB ARB

New York, NY, US



I am a fully qualified architect, registered in the State of New York, UK (ARB) and Spain (COACV) with experience as a project and site architect on an array of different scale projects. This has provided me with a valuable background in both the project and process of construction.

I have fourteen years of professional experience which I have spent working on international projects in the United States, UK, Qatar, Algeria and Spain.  During this time my work has been focused on internationally renowned projects designed by prestigious architects, like the Sidra Medical and Research Centre in Doha by Cesar Pelli and the Abu Dhabi International Airport by Kohn Pedersen Fox, where my responsibilities included the design, coordination, control and production of the projects as well as construction administration. I also worked as site architect in the Auditorium and Conference Centre in Castellón by Carlos Ferrater (Valencia, Spain) developing all the details and changes as construction went on.

With regard to my design skills, I have been a finalist in the competition for the Headquarters of the Institute of Architects of Galicia as well as in the competition for the Promenade in the Port of Valencia (America´s Cup). Examples of these and of my work on residential projects are included in my portfolio and on my website



ICRAVE, New York, NY, US, Architect

May 2012 - current

OHL International, Architect


The Sidra Medical and Research Center designed by Cesar Pelli and developed by Ellerbe Becket comprises two medical buildings (2,785,00 sq ft), a service building (260,000 sq ft) and two parking lots (1,410,000 sq ft), being the total area of the complex 4,455,000 sq ft. With a 1,900 million dollar budget, this complex has been designed to be a world-class hospital with state-of-the-art clinical services.

Due to the nature and complexity of this project (Fast Track /Design & Build) it was vital to control and coordinate the design process. My work brought me in to direct contact with Project and Construction Management. Responsabilities:

- Analysis of the constructability and quality of the architectural project.
- Coordination between Architectural and Engineering disciplines.
- Review of architectural documents for potential conflict with all disciplines

The quality of the project submissions increased considerably and no submittals were rejected by the client. The coordination between disciplines speed the project submissions up and helped to reduce the inconsistencies at the site as well as to improve the quality of the finishing details.


As a finalist in the competition for the construction of the New Doha International Airport (North Node) designed by HOK Architecture, OHL International established a team of architects and engineers which studied the technical aspects of the project prior to the award. With a total area of 1,460,000 sq ft and a 500 million dollar budget the North Node was the latest of the packages of the 16 billion dollar project to be awarded. Responsabilities:

- Assessment of the engineering consultancy companies shortlist appointed to develope and coordinate the architectural project.
- Review and analysis of the constructability and quality of the project.

The analysis of the project gave an estimation of the total number of drawings to be developed by the contractor, a list of inconsistencies detected in the project and a clear overview of the real status of the project. This was of great help during the negotiations between OHL and the client.


The Conference Centre complex of Oran is formed by an Auditorium/Conference Centre (505,000 sq ft), an Exhibition Centre (395,000 sq ft), a Five-Star Hotel “Le Meridien” (370,000 sq ft) and an underground parking lot (170,000 sq ft). With a total area of 1,440,000 sq ft and a 700 million dollar budget, this Fast Track/Design & Build project posed a challenge as it had to be completed in just 20 months in order to hold the 16th International Conference & Exhibition on Liquified Natural Gas (LNG16). My experience as a design and site architect was applied to the hotel project, where the interior design by Rockwell Europe had to be implemented in a record time.Responsabilities:

- Review, analysis,development and implementation of the interior design project to guarantee its quality and constructability.
- Coordination and integration of architectural and engineering disciplines.
- Design development and detailing.
- Liaise with members of the construction team and solve site queries.

The hotel was finished on the date scheduled, with no conflicts between disciplines during the construction and a high quality of the finishing details.

Jul 2009 - Mar 2011

Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates (KPF), Architect


The future new Abu Dhabi International Airport, with a total area of 7,560,000 sq ft and a budget of 6,9 billion dollar will have a capacity of 30 million passengers per year and seeks to become the most important air traffic hub in the Middle East. Responsabilities:

- Glass screens and balustrades package leader. Design, detailing and coordination.
- Design and scheme development of specific parts of the building.
- Prepare architectural documents and presentations.

The glass screens and balustrades package was submitted on the date scheduled and completely coordinated with the other packages. The design of the details was highly appreciated.


Canal City was an ambitious 14,255,000 sq ft master plan on the coast of Dubai. My work on this project was during the design development of the 5,000,000 sq ft first phase, which included residential (90,000 residents) and office uses (high and low rise). Responsibilities:

- Design of residential areas of the master plan, where I applied my previous experience in residential projects.
- Development of the architectural image of the building prototypes used to define the master plan.
- Direct the production of drawings and models.

A high quality and consistency of the residential typologies and architectural image of the master plan was achieved on this project. All the phases of the project were submitted on the scheduled date.


This 345,000 sq ft residence is part of an important restoration project in an historic square of London. Surrounded by listed buildings, the care for the detail is one of the most important features of this project. Responsible for the design and development of the finishing details.

Jul 2008 - Mar 2009

Munkenbeck & Marshall Architects, Architect


Located in central London, this commercial/mixed-use scheme features a 125,000 sq ft private/affordable block of apartments and a 27,000 sq ft office building. With a 116 million dollar budget, this scheme stands out by its facade conception, clad in a basket weave of aluminium panels which required a detailed study and design. Responsible for the design and scheme development of specific parts of the building as well as detailing.

Dec 2007 - Jul 2008

Freelance Designer / Architect, Architect

Following on from my time at ADI Architects and Carlos Ferrater, I also worked as a freelance architect whilst in Spain which was seen as a perfect ‘grounding’ for my subsequent international assignments as I acquired extensive experience in:

- Prepare information regarding design, specifications, materials and equipment.
- Estimate costs and schedules and other elements associated with construction projects. Develop design ideas and create design presentations.
- Manage the production of construction documents, drawings, and specifications.
- Review architectural documents for potential conflict with all disciplines.
- Design problem-solving at the site.

Sep 2004 - Dec 2007

OAB - Office of Architecture in Barcelona, Site Architect


The Auditorium and Conference Centre of Castellón relies on natural light and white concrete as only features to define its space. In order to achieve such a conceptual challenge, it was necessary to coordinate Architectural and Engineering disciplines as well as develop at the site every single detail to get a delicate and elegant result. With a total area of 190,000 sq ft and a 45 million dollar budget, this project is one of the finest projects of the internationally renowned Spanish architect Carlos Ferrater. Responsabilities:

- Liaise with consultants and contractor.
- Coordination and integration of project information. Implementation of design documents.
- Design development and detailing.
- Prepare architectural documents, drawings and presentations.
- Interior design of specific areas.
- As built drawings.
- Analyze and monitor construction activities.

Aug 2001 - Sep 2004

ADI Architects, Junior Architect

Employed by ADI Architects as a Junior Architect, my exposure here brought me in to direct contact with Project and Construction management, detailed design development, coordination and implementation of design documents, project control, structural detailing, spatial conception, technical & material expression.

Jun 2000 - Aug 2001


Sep 1990 - Apr 2000


Research Laboratoires. University of Alicante. Spain, Nomination


Promenade in the Port of Valencia (America´s Cup), Spain., Nomination


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