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Architect, with more than 10 years of work trajectory managing the maintenance processes of infrastructure, through the design of preventive maintenance plans and supervising the attention of eventualities and corrective maintenance. With experience to lead the performance of assigned activities to the personnel in charge, management and budget control, as well as skills for the development of project supervision. Outstanding for having facilities to work in teams and under pressure, decision making capacity, adaptability for all kind of changes; with a high level of commitment and belonging, leadership, organization and discipline .


WeWork, Medellín, CO, Facilities Operations Lead

• Manage the operation of 290,000 USF distributed in four WeWork buildings, three of them located in Medellín and one in Barranquilla.
• Responsible for coordinating and scheduling preventive and corrective maintenance activities.
• Responsable for daily operations ensuring a positive experience for all members.
• Guarantor of compliance with SLA and KPI of suppliers and in-house personnel.
• Responsible for carrying out adjustments and improvements inside the offices at the request of our clients.
• Ensure prompt and efficient short time frames for any maintenance request.
• Constant development of processes to improve operations.
• Budget control and reduction of operating costs by 15%

Jul 2019 - Feb 2022

Odinsa SA, Medellín, CO, Facilities Coordinator

• Coordinated the development of administrative services, resources, implementation of programs.
• Oversaw the auditing of suppliers and services while proposing new innovative alternatives.
• Implemented maintenance plans with daily and periodic preventive routines.
• All maintenance plans were built based on pre-established manuals and manufacture recommendations.

Feb 2018 - Jul 2019

OPAIN S.A, Bogotá, CO, Maintenance Architect

• Coordinated and scheduled the preventive and corrective maintenance activities of El Dorado International Airport.
• Design maintenance plans, budgetary control, personnel management and supervision of maintenance contracts.
• Achieved a reduction of 20% in corrective maintenance and improvement of novelty attention, due to the elaboration of preventive maintenance plans focused on this purpose. 

Nov 2014 - Feb 2018

Codere Colombia, Bogotá, CO, Maintenance Coordinator and Architect

• Built a preventive and corrective maintenance plan for casinos, offices and headquarters,
• Responsible for the management of suppliers, budget and monitoring of existing projects.
• Designed work schedules for maintenance personnel and remodeling projects.
oversaw the design and development of projects such as casinos, rooms and offices from planimetry to 3D visualization.
• Implemented guidelines for the implementation and development of new projects, through the parameters established through the brand manual for each one of the business lines.
• Responsible of hiring and training, infrastructure inspections and preventive and corrective maintenance.

Jul 2012 - Nov 2014

RPC WIKO BRAMLAGE, Blue Ball, PA, US, Quality Technician

Execute the taking of samples, physical inspection of products, measurements. Perform tests, statistics, search for solutions, development of written reports, managing a domain of 100% of the English language.
Timely identification of faults in the manufactured plastic parts, through the implementation of tests and sampling for this purpose.

Dec 2010 - Jun 2012


Universidad Piloto de Colombia, BOGOTA , BArch, ARQUITECTURA

Aug 2005 - Nov 2010


MERITORY GRADE, Honorable Mention



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