Matthew Hamilton

Matthew Hamilton

San Diego, CA, US

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Hello, my name is Matt Hamilton, attached please nd my resume and work samples for consideration as an Architectural Designer. As a design professional I specialise in Architecture, Urban Design, Built-Environments, aesthetics, artwork, technology and sustainability. I have spent substantial time in New York City, graduating from the Pratt Institute’s Graduate School of Architecture and Urban Design (GAUD) program with a Master of Science in Architecture and Urban Design. A Bachelor of Architecture was earned at the San Diego campus of Woodbury University School of Architecture.

Previous work experience include major civic projects, mixed-use buildings, retail, custom real estate, residential blocks, public-use and industrial complexes. An undergraduate design project, the ’Drawing Machine,’ was publicly exhibited at the Opening Show of the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego. My design background also includes extensive experience working in 3D rendering and animation. Digital projects focused on the exploration and representation of various major Architectural Works, including the Jubilee Church in Rome, Italy by Richard Meier.

Additional architectural expertise has been established across many notable elds; including the sustainable movement integrating green systems with urban design. Working across multiple architectural projects solidi ed my realization that new methods and philosophies are needed to combat the exhaustion of industrial resources. These objectives were applied in the design development of the ‘Ocho Casas Verdes’ (Eight Green Homes); a residential community in Queretaro, Mexico. The design aim was the appropriation of recycled materials and implimenting them within sustainable technological systems.

Even greater perspectives on how environmental and economic policies shape international cityscapes were gained while participating in Woodbury University’s 2006 Study Abroad program. New approaches to culturally and commercially responsible designs in urban situations were explored in Nanjing, China; Paris, France; as well as along U.S. border communities. Architectural and urban interventions were envisioned and proposed, emphasizing the importance of infrastructure and its impact on future generations.

My career goals consist of creating architectural solutions that are not only sustainable but adaptable to the needs of project residents and the surrounding city and environment. Combining the ideas of interactive architecture with new technology allow innovative design approaches to be utilized in a variety of urban conditions. Technology actively reshapes the way we create, explore, and communicate. In both my academic career at Pratt Institute and undergraduate thesis, great emphasis was placed on how local communities could accumulate informational feedback of city operations and consolidate them into ‘Data Centers.’ My design proposals for the Google Headquarters in New York City; a Mexico City marketplace; and an independent ‘Data-Farm;’ allowed public and private spaces to be plugged into and respond to the overall urban grid. Architecture could Immediately begin to adapt to city infrastructure, not only becoming energy independent but commercially viable within their own communities.

As a self-motivated individual who prides himself on furthering my architectural knowledge and experience to promote better ways of living, entrance into your rm would allow me to work collaboratively with fellow, like minded individuals. Thank you for your time and consideration. 


Tucker Sadler Architects, San Diego, CA, US, Project Designer

Portside Pier, The Brigantine:
• Plans, Elevations, Renderings & Working Drawings.

SD Symphony Bayside Performance Park:
• Massing Models, Conceptual Sketches & Alternative Skins. • Computer Rendering & Design.

Performing Arts & Cultural Complex (PACC), Chula Vista, CA:
• Plans, Elevations, Sections & Working Drawings. • Massing Models, Computer Rendering & Design.

May 2014 - Apr 2016

Sprouts Farmers Market, Temecula, CA, US, Project Consultant

Exterior Storefront Renovation:
• Design, Renderings, 3D Models & City Planning.

Jan 2012 - Dec 2012

Jorge Ozorno Studio, San Diego, CA, US, Project Consultant

“Ocho Casas Verdes,” (8 Green Homes) Queretaro, Mexico:
• Renderings, 3D animations, and final presentation.

Mar 2009 - Jun 2009

Carrier Johnson + Culture, San Diego, CA, US, Junior Architect

Vista Civic Center Team, Vista, CA:
• Conceptual Sketches, Massing & 3D Z Printer Models. • Renderings & Design.

Internal Intranet System:
• Collaborative Design, Programming & Internal Links: Docs/Drawings/Pics/Image Libraries.

Aug 2007 - Nov 2007

Urban Arena, San Diego, CA, US, Design Professional + Intern Architect

• Design of Conceptual Building Exteriors.
• Presentation Boards, Graphic Design, Renderings &

May 2005 - May 2006


Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY, US, Masters, GAUD

Master of Science in Architecture and Urban Design / 2011

May 2010 - May 2011

Woodbury University, San Diego, CA, US, BArch, Architecture and Design

Woodbury University Study Abroad I 2006,
South East University, Nanjing, China.
Aubervillier Docks, Paris, France.

S.O.S. (Society of Sustainability)
A club of Architecture students who focus on the modern
development of sustainability and its application to the local
San Diego area.

Drawing Machine
Bryan Cantley & Cameron Crockett Design Studio

Woodbury University, San Diego, CA:
• ‘Directed Indeterminacy,’ kinetics, symbolism and Drawing
Machines in a performance...

Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego, CA:
• TNT ‘Where Art + Space Collide’

Woodbury University, Hollywood, CA:
• ‘Inversion’

May 2004 - May 2007

Areas of Specialization