Philip Li

Philip Li

Sacramento, CA, US



I graduated from UC Berkeley earning a B.A. in Architecture. My interest in
architecture began with art at the age of seven, when I picked up a pencil and
started to draw. Through my experiences with art, I have developed an eye for
detail when it comes to drawing and model making. Attention to detail is crucial to
me as a designer because details capture the essence of the image and bring it to
life. I believe that only by having details, will I be able to share my visions of the
world with people who cannot access my thoughts. Thus, when it comes to design,
I am very meticulous and strive for perfection. Studying at UC Berkeley has
broadened my views about architecture. I understand it to be not only profession of
design, but one that helps shape the community.

I see an architect as more than just a designer, but a person who has the
ability to shape the way people live. As a designer, he has the power to choose the
materials, design how the building works and the type of feeling it should exude.
Thus, it is important for an architect to consider good design practices, so that the
limited amount of space available on earth is not wasted. I believe a good design
should reflect beauty rather than a design that strives for what is “cool.” An
architecture that is beautiful is a design that is useful and serves a purpose. It
should not only please the eyes through the architect’s choice of materials and
spatial arrangements, but also address environmental issues. An elegant design
uses the building’s function to dictate its form and at the same time serve the
needs and desires of the client. A good design should also be environmentally
friendly. Having a building that is beautiful but consumes a large amount of energy
is not very sustainable and considerate of the future. Good architecture is one that
serves its community well from the day that it is built to the day that it is
demolished and does not limit the growth of future generations, but instead works
toward improving it.

We see good architecture when we feel satisfied by the space around us.
Good designs respect the environment and the people around it. It should not be
pertained to just the client’s needs but also take careful consideration to make the
building and environment work together. That is to me a beautiful design; when we
can look at a building and be awed by its effects.


University of California, Berkeley, Research Assitant

My duties includes:

Researching and studying the city of Wudadao located in China with associate professor and principal of Studio Urbis, Renee Chow.

Drafting the master plan of Wudadao using AutoCAD, Rhinocerso3D, and Adobe Illustrator.

Feb 2011 - May 2011

Follet, Cal Student Store

My duties includes:

Managing the store's credit in the cashier department of the Cal Student Store.

Kept track of books, ordered offices upplies, and organized events for the supervisor.

Aug 2007 - Dec 2007


University of California, Berkeley, BArch, Architecture

Aug 2007 - May 2011

Florin High School, High School, Honors

Aug 2003 - Jun 2007

Areas of Specialization