Barcelona, ES



My name is Miriam Ballesteros and after finishing my studies, I am looking for an international office in which to get involved. I am very interested in an opportunity to increase my experience and knowledge as an architect.

I have just finished my architectural studies at the Barcelona School of Architecture (Universidad
Politécnica de Cataluña, UPC) and I received the equivalent of a Master’s Degree in Architecture
here in Spain. Besides my university studies, I also completed internship work at
various offices. These experiences were invaluable to me and I feel that this has given me a
more global perspective in the architectural field. I am known for being a person with a multitude
of concerns, flexible, dynamic and able to work in teams. I can easily adapt to multicultural
environments, skills developed in my stays abroad for academic reasons. I consider myself an
orderly, efficient and easy focusing person.

Architecture universities in Spain have a much more technical than most countries. Apart from
the architectural education, Spanish architects have knowledge of structures, construction and
facilities that may be an advantage for us. During our studies we always worked with projects
that take into account all these technical aspects of the project, which, from my point of view,
are very important for the proper functioning of the building. This fact makes us have a broader
vision and overall architectural design.


Sep 2004 - Jul 2011

Areas of Specialization