Lee Runyan

Lee Runyan

Boulder, CO, US



I am currently enrolled as a student in the Environmental Design program at the University of Colorado at Boulder. I have a heavy interest in interdisciplinary design; though I entered an architecture program, I find myself branching into industrial, product, and digital design.

An important philosophy that I hold near and dear concerns the world of design and our effectiveness and responsibility as designers. As designers, we must be able to both sprint short distances and simultaneously have the ability to run a marathon. Our adaptability to the changing world is crucial to our success in improving a diverse and imperiled world. One small example of this is our use of both analog and digital medium. The ability to use both in conjunction to convey our ideas shows how versatile we can be as designers.



Apple, Specialist

I am a leader in customer service, relying on my own approachability and technical knowledge to solve customer issues.

May 2010 - current


University of Colorado at Boulder, Bachelors, Environmental Design

I have an emphasis in Design Studies, which is an interdisciplinary degree offering education in a diverse range of design opportunities within and outside of the architecture community.

Aug 2008 - current

Areas of Specialization