New York, NY, US



Summary of qualifications

• Senior Architect with more than 10 years’ experience on all phases of the building process, versed in drawing architectural designs including plans, elevations and sections in several projects, from Residential, Educational Centers, Hospitals, Health Care Centers or Urban Planning.
• Ability to work independently and multy-task effectively in fast-paced environment under tight deadlines.
• Talented accomplished in overseeing construction practice and principles through all phases of the projects, including planning and onsite inspection.
• Strong conceptual, drawing, technical and schematic skills.
• International experience; bilingual in Spanish and able to communicate easily in all levels.
• Excellent architectural computer skills, well organized and ability to work in group.


I am fully expert in AUTOCAD and 3D illustrations with Photoshop postproduction. I am a tireless worker no matter how much time to spend to end a project. I am waiting this is to your linking if you want me to work in your office.

Other interesting things beside working is that I´m a good sportman who takes care of his health. I´m active in my live and like to travel oround to meet new people, new cultures and bring those experiences to my way of thinking and working.



G2 Arquitectos, Alcalá de Henares, Spain, Collaboration architect

• Occasional collaboration with educational and residential projects on building projects (plans, elevations, detail buildings).
• Designed a residential condominium and a condominuum swimming pool.
• Meeting with the office engineers for my own designed projects on FOAA architects to supervise construction process.
• Collaboration in two projects drawing construction plans.


• 112 units Condo. San Sebastián de los Reyes.Madrid
• 80 High-End units Condo. Tender Project -ASISA

Apr 2007 - Oct 2013

F.O.A.A., Madrid, Architect Manager

• Running my own Office since 2010 until I moved to New York City.
• Designed own projects from initial blueprints, to building projects (plans, building detailing, mechanical plans, budgets, elevations).
• Management construction and supervised construction process.
• Assist contractors during building process to achieve best standards.
• Involved on several architecture competitions, housing rebuilt, project documentations and Documentation Building Codes.
• Meeting with clients to discuss their needs and coordinate with engineers to implement mechanical systems and new materials.

Apr 2010 - Aug 2013

ESTUDIO DE PLANEAMIENTO Y ARQUITECTURA managed by Carlos Ferrán, Doctor Architect, Madrid, Junior Architect

• Collaboration in several projects, from the blueprints, basic projects, construction projects and management construction.
• Create and draw plans for different projects, construction detailing, elevations, mechanical installations and structure.
• Design building competitions and 3D modeling.
• Meeting Civil Engineers, Contractors and clients to implements new ideas and products on the building construction process.

List of works built:


• 400 units Condo., Garage & Partial Plan –Aranjuez (Madrid). (2007)
• 105 units Condo., Retail, & Garage. – Tetuán (Madrid). (2007)
• 113 units Condo., Retail, & Garage.– Alcorcón, (Madrid). (2007-2008)
• House in Boyero Street, nº 16, Aravaca (Madrid) (2007)
• 24 units Condo., Garage. – Plot GM 5-A, La Ventilla, Tetuán (Madrid). (2006)
• 105 units Condo., Garage –Plot Alcorcón, (Madrid). (2006-2010)
• 113 units Condo., Garage. – Plot 14.3.1 Alcorcón, (Madrid). ( 2006-2009)
• 98 units Condo., Retail, & Garage. – Plot 10.1.2 Alcorcón, (Madrid). (2006)
• 104 units Condo., Retail, & Garage – Plot M-E11. Arroyomolinos (Madrid). (2006-2007)
• 2 houses & Retail in Villarrubia de los Ojos (Ciudad Real) (2006)
• 65 units Condo., Competition UVA Hortaleza (2005)


• Educational Centre, El Campello Alicante (2008)
• Hospital, Elche-Crevillente Alicante. ELCHE-CREVILLENTE HEALTH, S.A. (2007-2010)
• Health Center, Lucero. Madrid. HEALTH MADRID SERVICE (2006-2007)
• Health Center, Los Castillos. Alcorcón (Madrid). HEALTH MADRID SERVICE (2004-2008)
• Health Center, Madrid. Paseo Imperial. HEALTH MADRID SERVICE (2004-2006)
• Hospital Serena Siberia, Talarrubias Badajoz (2002-2005)
• Hospital Angola Local - Bocoio (2005). Collaboration with MAKIBER DRAGADOS
• Hospital in Albacete. SOLIMAT. Private Insurance Company (2005)


• Quality Plan MADRID MAYOR SQUARE. Madrid Town Hall (2009)
• Partial Sector Plan. ARANJUEZ “La Montaña” for 400 social housing (2007)
• Special Urban Development Plan. TERUEL (2005)
• General Urban Development Plan. COLINDRES Cantabria (2005)
• Protection Plan & Urban Catalogue. AVILES (2004)
• Old Quarter Special Protection Plan. SORIA (2004)
• General Urban Development General. RIBAMONTAN AL MONTE. Cantabria (2004)
• Historic-artistic Special Protection Plan. LIERGANES (2004)
• Artistic/Cultural Heritage Special Protection Plan. VITORIA-GASTEIZ (2002)
• Artistic/Cultural Heritage Special Protection Development Plan. AVILES (2002)
• Special Protection Plan & Catalogue. ALBAIZIN & SACROMONTE. Granada (2002)

Jan 2002 - Apr 2010


Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid (ETSAM), BArch, Junior Architect

Well know University in all over the world this is where I had my Architecture Studies. I had important professors such us Alberto Campo Baeza (Olnik Spanu House in New York), Juan Navarro Baldewer (famous architect and painter), Anton Garcia Abril...

I studied both building and urban development. My Final Project Degree consisted on a Skyscraper Hotel in union Square with SPA building with Cesar Benavides Professor obtaining 7 points from 10.

Oct 1995 - Jun 2004

DECROLY, High School, High School

Private High School Center where I was studing since I was 4 years old because it also had elementary School program. It is one of the most important School in Madrid and I had a good base of my studies.

Sep 1981 - Jun 1995


CHURCH COMPETITION in Alcala de Henares. HERCESA Corporation. JAVIER MORALES, Award

Private Corporation who develop architecture competitions every two years for junior architects. The proyect consisted on building a Church In Alcala de Henares were the famous writer Miguel de Cervantes was born in 1547. I was selected to be one of the ten finalist of two hundred teams.


Areas of Specialization