Ben Tolsky

Ben Tolsky

Chicago, IL, US



Many people have said that Ben is the greatest thing since sliced bread, we can only assume that Sliced Bread was a side project of Dexy's Midnight Runners because you can't make a sandwich out of Ben.  But if you still want to know more about Ben, why don't you hire him and meet him for yourself.  But for now lets just start out with the basics and see where that takes us.  Ben starts with a B, and that means...

From Boston to Bolshie Koty, Byron Bay to Bratislava, Budapest to Busan, Beijing to Barcelona, Ballarat to Buffalo Grove, Brasov to Belfast, Buenos Aires to Bregenz, and Bendigo to Birobidzhan, Ben has seen it all (Note: Ben has not seen Boise, Bombay, Broome, Berlin, or either Birmingham).

From Baseball to Basketball, Boxing to Bowling, Breaststroke to Butterfly, and Bocce Ball to Bungee Jumping, Ben likes sports, although he is not all that impressed with Badminton.

From Beatles to Bangles, Buddy Holly to Bee Gees, B-52's to Bob Dylan, BoDeans to Beck, Better Than Ezra to Bruce Springsteen, Byrds to Bryan Ferry, Billy Corgan to Blue Oyster Cult, Bob Marley to Blondie, and Blues Traveler to Billy Idol, Ben likes music.  And yes I said the Bangles, Walk Like an Egyptian is an incredible song.

From Bluefin Tuna to Bottlenose Dolphin, Bull Shark to Barracuda, Blenny to Beluga Whale, Box Jellyfish to Batfish, and Bronze Whaler to Bass, Ben does not eat any fish or seafood.  Ben encourages you to learn about how commercial fishing is destroying our oceans and asks that you watch videos of how entire schools of thousands of tuna are completely wiped out in a matter of minutes.

And that is all for the letter B.  Join us next week for an exciting tour of the letter T.



D.S.A. Finance, Programmer

‐ Developed custom business software for all operations
‐ Web page maintenance and integration with software

Jun 1995 - current

Valence Health, Consultant, Web Designer, Junior Actuary, Application Developer

‐ Designed underwriting applications to create instant quotes
‐ Analysis of Medicare, Medicaid, BCBS, and other fee schedules
‐ Experience developing and maintaining client relationships
‐ Designed secure, interactive web pages for clients
‐ Developed internal business management applications
‐ Data analysis and reporting of medical data using SAS and SQL

Dec 2003 - Jul 2008

Motorola, Summer Intern

‐ Developed web pages for internal business operations

Jun 1999 - Jul 2002


Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT), MArch, Master of Architecture

While at IIT I took six design studios in which I designed a kayak shed, kayaking center, performing arts center, ice rink and conservatory, Chicago River dam and wetlands, and a research station and hotel in Antarctica. While there I took up an interest in wood and metal working as well as structural engineering. I also became very interested in 3D modeling and animation and for my thesis created a 16 minute animation for the Intrepid Penguin Lodge at Shackleton Station. I graduated with a 3.8/4.0 GPA.

Aug 2008 - May 2011

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Bachelors, Bachelor of Science with Distinction in Mathematics

While at the University of Illinois I majored in Math and Philosophy, and graduated with a 3.7/4.0 GPA in Math. I also took a number of classes relating to Actuarial Science and Computer Science.

Aug 1998 - Aug 2003

The University of Melbourne, Exchange Student

While on exchange at the University of Melbourne I finished up my required coursework for my degree at the University of Illinois while also talking a number of classes in Australian Studies.

Jul 2002 - Jun 2003


Received notoriety in several magazines, American and Australian, for a web page design, Other

After creating a popular Seinfeld web page, several magazines started writing about it, including a full page article in Australia's Who Weekly.


Areas of Specialization