Emmanuel Torres

Emmanuel Torres

San Juan, PR, US




Infotech Aerospace Services, Isabela, PR, US, Engineering Services

Position requires to define products, create 3d models and construction documents for several commercial/military aviation systems as well as the respective structural and mechanical analysis.

Jan 2012 - current

Northwest Research, Education, and Development Corp., Chief Officer/Administrator

-The main responsibilities are to overlook workflow, supervise employees and processes.
-The major responsibility at this position is grant making and submissions of requests for proposals. Tasks vary with each new project but at all are related to management and design.

Oct 2010 - current

Cocero Cordero Architects, Architect

Started as an intern in 2010, moved up to inspector of the Public Buildings Authority Summer Renovation Program, and am now supervising construction phases of different projects.

Puerto Rico Weatherization Proyect via AFI (Intern)
-Working hand in hand with engineer to produce the best possible outcome of energy conservation from renovations.
-Material & Building cost estimates
-Systems design

Summer Renovations Program (PBA-CCA)
-Responsibilities related to this position are to assist in the management and inspections of
the summer 2011 public school renovations contracted by the Public Buildings Authority
of Puerto Rico (AEP).
-In the administrative part I am responsible for the streamlining of
processes, facilitate communication between the government agency and Contractors,
control over the specifications, submittals, and change of orders.
-In the field operations part I am responsible for the initial inspections, daily preparation of detailed reviews and reports, budget and cost projections, scheduling of works with contractors, and daily
supervision and inspection of works started and finished for 13 schools in the route.

Construction Supervision (CCA)
-Attend weekly meetings were logistics and construction strategies are discussed.
-Oversee the construction process of the firms design proposal for a parking/cafeteria/plaza and report documents and updates to my superiors.
-Aid in the communication between municipality officials-inspector-contractor-design team.

May 2010 - current

Freelance Architectural Designer, Residential Renovations/Systems design assistant

-Assess individual client necessities
-Suggest effective design solutions for each case based
-Hands on supervision

Mar 2009 - current


Nov 2005 - Nov 2010

University of Puerto Rico, History of Architecture

Aug 2004 - Dec 2005


AIA Henry Adams Fund Award, Award

AIA award in recognition of excellence in design


Most Emblematic Architecture Thesis, 1st Place

Capstone Research+Design was selected over 200 Capstone Designs (ARCH-5030) evaluated for their environmental approach/appeal, organic abstraction, and historic pertinence. Only 15 projects from the 15 design courses (one per course) were selected to commemorate the "sweet fifteenth" anniversary of the school.


Areas of Specialization