Chad Copeland

Chad Copeland

Hoboken, NJ, US



For the past few years I have primarily worked as an in-house freelance designer for Bravado International, a music-merchandising house here in Manhattan, owned by Universal Music Group.  Having worked with Bravado on a variety of projects, a versatile skill set and time management has always been an important factor.  Working closely with Bravado’s Art Director, I designed products such as the Rolling Stones “Seventies” box set for Restoration Hardware. This project was both time consuming and challenging; however, under tight deadlines and approvals the product was released successfully last Holiday season.


I am an extremely well rounded designer with a bachelor’s in Industrial Design from Auburn University. Prior to my concentration in Design, my primary focus growing up was always Architecture, but after two years I decided it wasn’t the life i wanted so I switched to a design profession that had more variety (Industrial Design).  Product design, presentation design, packaging design, graphic tee design, point of purchase and detailed 3D product specification packs are just a few areas of expertise.  Also, having spent time in Hong Kong and China during an internship, I have a knack for conveying designs well to bridge any language barrier.

Good design is universal.



Bravado International, Freelance Design Consultant

Freelance In-house Design and Production, March 2009 to Present
Designer and Consultant for Marketing and Package Design
o Presentation and Video Design for Finance Meetings, Summit, Retail, Sales, and Marketing Meetings
o Presentations include: Animations, Custom Design Backgrounds, 3D Graphs and Charts, Custom Designed Video Elements, clean, well balanced layouts, graphics and typography
o Rolling Stones “The Seventies” Box Set Design for Restoration Hardware “Gifts Collection”
o Michael Jackson “Off The Wall” Box Set Design for album reissue
o Lady Gaga “Born This Way” Box Set Design for album release
o Justin Bieber Marketing Presentation for Wal-Mart
o Lady Gaga Retail Campaign Video Presentation Design for H&M
o Design Specification for various “box set” design projects: The Rolling Stones, Michael Jackson, Queen, ABBA, Sting, Slipknot and various others on Bravados extensive roster of bands and solo artists
o Eminem Album (Slim Shady, Marshall Mathers) Reissue CD/T-Shirt Pack Design for Best Buy

Mar 2009 - current


Auburn University, Bachelors, Industrial Design

Prototype Fabrication
Synthesis of Drawing
Exhibit & Packaging
Computer & Design Communications
Materials & Technology
Product Design
Advanced C A D
Presentation Rendering
Furniture Design
Design Studio

Sep 2001 - Dec 2007


Emerson Tool Vacuum Design Competition, 2nd Place

Emerson Tool Sponsored Studio
o Home Wet/Dry Vacuum Design Project, Spring 2007
o Ten different Concept sketches of design
o Revised two concepts full scale proto foam models
o Fabricated full-scale rendered working model
o Presented final models to Emerson Group (2nd Place)


Areas of Specialization