Tyler Kreider

Tyler Kreider

Cambridge, MA, US



Areas of expertise

  • Examination of the relationships between transportation and built environment (urban form/accessibility)
  • Statistical modeling
  • Analysis in geographic information systems (GIS)
  • Road safety analysis


Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Research Associate

MIT Portugal Program, working with P. Christopher Zegras (MIT, Department of Urban Studies and Planning) and Marianne Hatzopoulou (McGill, Department of Civil Engineering and Applied Mechanics): SOTUR Project (Strategic Options for Integrating Transportation Innovations and Urban Revitalization Details)
• Policy evaluation in metropolitan Lisbon through UrbanSim and TransCAD modeling
• Report organization and write-up

May 2011 - current

McGill University, Research Assistant

Research in the field of transportation with Luis F. Miranda-Moreno (McGill, Department of Civil Engineering and Applied Mechanics) and Ahmed El-Geneidy (McGill, School of Urban Planning). Activities include:
• Speed limit reduction evaluation with CIMA+ for the City of Montréal
• Development of an interaction-based index of land use mix
• Study with CIMA+ for the City of Montréal on accident reduction measures
• Investigations of the relationship between the built environment and transportation outcomes (distance traveled, GHG emissions, active transportation choice)

Apr 2009 - Apr 2011

Transportation Research at McGill, Archive Administrator

Web-development, construction, and maintenance of a GIS database focused on, but not restricted to, transportation-related data.

Apr 2009 - Apr 2011

McGill University, Teaching Assistant

Creating and teaching ArcGIS and TransCAD tutorials for:
• CIVE 540: Urban Transportation Planning
• CIVE 546: Road and Rail Safety Analysis

Sep 2009 - Dec 2010


McGill University, Masters, Civil Engineering and Applied Mechanics

Focus in transportation engineering, thesis written on representations of built environment as related to travel behavior

Sep 2009 - Apr 2011

McGill University, Bachelors, Geography (Urban Systems)

Honors thesis conducted on access to downtown Montréal by public transportation

Sep 2006 - Apr 2009