Priyanka Karpe

Priyanka Karpe

Los Angeles, CA, US



University of Southern California (USC), MArch, Master of Architecture

University of Southern California Los Angeles, USA
Waterscapes Embracing Floods in Mumbai city
Prof. Vinayak Bharne
The objective of the thesis was to research alternative methods at a city level to deal with excess of water brought Fall 2010
in by the floods and suggest waterscapes as a solution that would lead to a larger urban strategy towards sustainable development.
Encoding Matter Scripting in Processing Prof.Roland Snooks
Design methodologies through non-linear emergent systems based on Swarm Intelligence. Proposed a Tower in Shanghai Spring 2010
with a coherent system of structure, skin & program based on a non-linear algorithm derived from the above explorations.
Islands in a Stream 3D Mapping study of Los Angeles County
Proposed a self-sustaining island city which was a retrofit to an industrial dump along the San Gabriel river. Prof. Christoph Kapeller
It intends to serve neighborhoods in a 10 mile radius from the city of Seal Beach. Fall 2009
Continuous matter: Swarm intelligence - study of coherent behavioral patterns through Processing as a tool. Prof. Roland Snooks
Skin & Bones: Glass Façade Design: Case study of existing glass façade system on building of Bank of America, NYC. Prof. Mic Patterson
Advanced Surface Tectonics: Study of façade tectonics which included case studies and designing a façade type. Prof. John Enright
Ipad Manifesto: Objective and subjective critical writing about architecture in the urban context. Prof. Edward Lifson

K.R.V.I.A. University of Mumbai Mumbai, India
Final Thesis Project: Re-imagination of Octroi Check Posts, Dahisar, Mumbai Prof. Anirudha Paul
Appreciated as most promising Project in Technical field for Kamla Raheja Gold Medal Award. 2006-2007

Aug 2009 - May 2011

Areas of Specialization