Thomas Geraghty

Thomas Geraghty

Oak Park, IL, US



I recently graduated from the undergraduate program at Montana State University, and I am ready to begin my professional career.  It is my intention to go back and finish a Masters program, but first I would like to gain some professional experience and focus my education on what really interests me.  

It has always been my goal in employment to learn something new.  I am open to a wide range of possibilities as the first step in my professional career, and I am eager to get started.



Montana State University, Bachelors, Architecture

6 semesters Arch Design
3 semesters Graphics (hand and computer)
3 semesters Arch History
2 semesters Structures
2 semesters Environmental Controls
2 semesters Building Construction

3.53 GPA Overall, Graduated with Honors

Aug 2007 - May 2011