David Walker

David Walker

Chester, PA, US



I am a recent Graduate from Drexel University's Nesbitt College of Design.  I earned my B.Arch the hard way - without working in a firm, under an architect - during my years at Drexel, all while working full-time as an Industrial Designer (50 hours per week) and raising a family.  I guess that makes me the poster boy for persistence, dedication and pure will to complete my degree.  These are traits that I am hoping a firm will recognize and give me the opportunity to earn a position.  



Zenith Products Corp, New Castle, DE, US, Industrial Designer

• Drives the Design of New Products using SolidWorks 2015 and Auto Cad 2015 to communicate product specifications to foreign & domestic vendors for manufacturing.
• Develops new products within current cost scheme to achieve predetermined profit goals for both the company and the customer.
• Identifies and Evaluates current and future design trends and product needs.
• Primary person responsible for all Intellectual Property Matters which includes the protection of all products via Patents, Trademarks, and Copyrights.
• Determines Product Infringement and initiates enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights.
• Holds over 60 Patents for Consumer Products and Innovation

Mar 2007 - current

DWH2 @ Associates, Media, PA, US, CAD Operator

Responsible for the conceptual design and layout for Dunkin Donuts retail stores using AutoCAD.
Also made changes via red-line mark-ups, presentation drawings and construction documentation.

Dec 2007 - Nov 2008

Zenith Products Corp, New Cast;e, DE, Industrial Designer

• Responsible for the design of new products from ideas driven by Marketing and Sales.
• Creates Engineering control drawings for products for manufacture of new products.
• Creates 3D Models and renderings as a Sales tool for presentation to the customer.
• Technical support for all CAD Software (AutoCAD, SolidWorks), including installation and migration.

Jun 1996 - Mar 2007


Drexel University, BArch, Architecture

I enrolled in Drexel's Architecture to complete my degree solely in the evening so that I could work full-time during the day. The comprehensive program is supposed to be in conjunction with full-time employment in a firm to reinforce what is performed during the day-to-day duties at work.

Drexel's courses were mostly taught by those currently working in the profession, so it gave a real-life perspective on the industry as well as the content that was being taught to the students in the program.

Because of my lack of experience and family status, it became difficult for me to, economically, justify the huge decrease in pay IF I could get placement at a firm with my limited experience. I chose to continue to look for jobs i architecture as I progressed through my years there, hoping that my 3D modeling and computer skills would be enticement enough for a Principal to justify raising the entry level salary in lieu of my potential.

I completed Drexel's Program without ever working in a firm, but that required a ton of reading and acquiring a huge library of Architectural Reference Books, monographs and design portfolio's and countless hours sifting through magazines and the internet for answers to my Studio Design project's problems.
Architecture is something that I have wanted to pursue as a child and now that I have completed my degree I am looking forward to the opportunity to work in a firm where I can apply my computer skills and build upon my industry knowledge to make myself a responsible, conscientious architect and improve my community for all.

Aug 1992 - Jun 2010


Design Patent, Other

Currently hold over 55 Design Patents


Areas of Specialization