Yitian Zhu

Yitian Zhu

New York, NY, US



Dear Director of Human Resource:

I’ve just graduated from Carnegie Mellon with the master’s degree of Civil and Environmental Engineering. With a long term Civil Engineering background development of myself, I believe my solid academic education, wide range of related experience, successfully proven enthusiasm and problem solving ability from participated social activities provides me of a valuable understanding of the Engineering world of your company.

From my resume, you can see that I developed my research and engineering skills through several academic course projects in variety of engineering field apart from Civil Engineering and Energy Efficiency. I chose the course AIS System Project once I came to CMU which is an integrated project which lasts for two semesters and have over 20 participants separated in 6 groups. It’s a project that basically by comparing the actual consumed energy data with simulated energy usage which generated from a built infrastructure 4D model to track the energy usage and give predicted future usage data to the facility manager in order to serving an energy saving purpose. In that project I utilized knowledge learnt from other courses such as data acquisition, database and data management, infrastructure life cycle analysis, infrastructural structure and so on, moreover I also learnt a lot new knowledge and techniques for instance, the operation method and function principles of different type of sensors, the operation of building energy simulation software – Design Builder and Energy plus, the structure and function principle of different HVAC components and the workflow through each of them and, I also learnt a little bit of website building since our final results were presented online therefore the clients would be easy to achieve the instant energy usage data and to manage the energy consumption of the whole building. Besides this huge project that integrating variety of knowledge, I also learnt very meaningful and useful knowledge from the course of Building Information Models, Infrastructure Management, Probability and Estimation Methods For Engineering System, LEED Buildings and Green Design from which I benefited a lot, knowledge such as infrastructure management, energy consumption management, data analysis, US green building standard from LEED and related strategies and so on brought me ideas beyond traditional Civil Engineering. For most of those courses that I took we were required to do course project and, I devoted myself as the project manager for some of them thereby I developed my skills of scheduling, group managing and communication method with faculties and within project groups members, and eventually led the project to a successful ending.

I developed my leadership and interpersonal skills by being an active member of several organizations on the Carnegie Mellon campus. I’ve joined the Chinese Student and Scholar Association since I came to America, I contributed a lot in organizing two major festival celebration galas which both had over 500 audiences in the process of show design and preparation, audition, auditorium reservation and set up, backstage organization and others. I’ve also led several events by myself such as two karaoke Marathon and several recruit presentations. Besides that I’ve prepared and held board meeting, activity promotion and board tutorial sessions along with other services events. Recently I’ve been selected as the president of Chinese Student and Scholar Association through an intense election, through my spare time, I would keep leading this huge student association which has over 50 board members and organizing over 1,000 Chinese students with my leadership and organization experience.

I look forward to learning more about career opportunities at your company. If you have any questions, please contact me at (412) 805-2928 or Thank you for your consideration.


Yitian Zhu


ZHU AN CONSTRUCTION, Construction Field Engineer Assistant Intern

•Learn about construction site and safety management.
•Worked directly with construction engineer to monitor daily progress and manage overall schedule

Aug 2008 - Sep 2008


Carnegie Mellon University, Masters, Civil & Environmental Engineering

Aug 2010 - May 2011

Tongji University, Bachelors, Civil Engineering

Sep 2006 - Jun 2010