sara aristizabal

sara aristizabal

Medellín, CO

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My name is Sara Aristizabal, I am an architect from Colombia and during my last years of university, I worked in the rendering visualization area until Istarted my professional internship in a well-known studio in the city of Medellín. Currently,
I have been working as an architect for approximately 3 years and I have participated in the different scales of a project, from the urban scale to developing furniture details in the interior design team; In addition, I worked for more than a year in the visualization area, interior design, project conceptualization and I was support in some large-scale residential projects. Although my greatest experience is in the luxury residential market, working in various teams has led me to be a more complete and curious professional, which currently allows me to be the leader of the innovation area in the studio where I work and my passion
for the concept and art allowed me to work with them in the contest area. 
After my current work day,  I dedicate myself to work in visualization and user experience area on different projects, I have always stood out for my interest in the technology area and I am providing the service of being able to sell projects with the help of a  360 tour and interaction with space, I found very interesting how technology becomes our support. On the other hand, I have been working as a consultant for several months with an architecture team in California where I have developed more experience in a very different context from my country.  I also try to invest time in small courses that help me improve the spatial quality and the speech for a client, which I have already applied and have worked perfectly
for me. At the moment I have completed 2 courses since last year (interior sensory design and lighting design for interior spaces) which have helped me directly to improve the user experience and spatial quality. 


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