Shihan Zhang

Shihan Zhang

Syracuse, NY, US

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As a driven first-year architecture student at Syracuse University, I am seeking a summer internship that allows me to contribute my growing expertise in digital and physical modeling, as well as my experience in real site building design projects. With a passion for sustainable and innovative architectural solutions and a commitment to continuous learning and improvement, I am eager to bring fresh perspectives and a strong work ethic to your team. I aim to leverage my unique experiences, including working on practical, site-specific design challenges uncommon for students at my level, to support and enhance your company's projects and objectives. 



Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY, US, BArch, Architecture

Created and developed comprehensive digital and physical models for various academic
projects, focusing on the integration of sustainability and innovation in design. Demonstrated leadership and teamwork in group projects, culminating in a successful

Aug 2023 - current

Areas of Specialization