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My Name is Tuba Betul Kara, I am a  architect who like to research, learn and improve myself. Living with different culture has many benefits to expand your thoughts, to think and bring together different ideas. Hard work, endless curiosity and involvement into variety of cultures seem to be the best guidelines for achieving success in life. Therefore, to reach of my aim firstly I should improve my vision of architecture and apply my abilities new places I always see myself as a curious and determined person who’s love to seek new knowledge and experience. anywhere and at any given time, I will open to new challenges, take every opportunity to improve both my knowledge and experience. for me, these two are some of the most valuable things that I could have in my life and I am willingly sharing withothers.   

     Firstly, I finished my master in building architecture department of Politecnico di Milano University in 2022. On the other hand, I am graduated in Architecture at the University of Yıldız Technical in Istanbul, Turkey in 2019. I was in Bahcesehir University until third year. Then I transferred to the Yıldız Technical University. Both universities gave me many things to improve myself.  In the fall semester of second year I went to Germany as an Erasmus student. The time I’ve spent in Germany has been very beneficial as I’ve learned countless interesting things about architecture, art, and science, but I feel that confronting a new place and people will help me develop the knowledge I have of architecture even more. Before studying in Germany, I’ve lived in The USA for a year to improve my English and myself. It helped me to find myself and made me a more confident person. During my university life i did five internships in different places. For instance, one of my internship is in airport construction which is cllad Istanbul airport right now. Also, i did another intership is in Baroncelli architecture office which has relationship and another office in Italy. During these internships, my skills developed in different sides of architecture . On the other hand, I joined other extracurricular activities, such as workshops, researches and professional internships aiming to approach my knowledge, gain experience and get involved in academic activities. I tried to attend some workshop which is about urban sketching, 3d rendering, digital design, and photography.

     Secondly, I always imagined myself pursuing a degree in architecture, after four years of learning process in my bahcelor and after 3 years Master degree, I am amazed at how architecture makes me learn lots of new things, makes me discover lots of aesthetically pleasing places, makes me meet with lots of wonderful people, and more importantly become more affectionate to my surroundings environments. And also, the learning process gives me a deeper comprehension of architecture, that is, architecture is also part of another culture. One of the things I enjoy very much of architecture is the relationship between environment and humanistic themes. I very much wish that in the future, I will be able to design buildings that will be harmonious between environment and humanistic characteristics and at the same time relate respectfully to the context.

The design experiences from these projects made me very interested in creatively applying materials in projects. Meanwhile, I also continuously learned new ideas in architecture from different countries, all these experiences have a great impact on me, sparking my intention of studying abroad to learn more in depth contemporary international architectural conceptions. I especially aspire to get to know in more detail the modern western architectural history in the hopes of forming my own architectural conceptions. After finishing my master degree, having a background of architecture and urban studies and strong personal traits needed for this career I am ready to take the next step and embark on architecture. My architectural background also allows me to approach from a different angle. I know how important every detail can be, but I also know how to look at everything from a further distance and evaluate the context and I understand the importance of it. I see a design project not as an opportunity to reveal my artistic talents, but more as a possibility to solve the problems and attend the needs of human and the environment. And I think a great design is the one which helps people or the environment, improves it or fixes a problem and does it in a very tasteful and original way. That is always the goal of my designs and that’s what I think is designed for the real world.Moreover, I have been involved in the graduation project in 2018 and also thesis project in 2022. Thanks to this experience I have gained practical skills in designing and work scope framing, project planning scheduling. After working on my graduation dormitory project for the university in bahcelor degree  which is in a different city, I realized that in order to build higher skill and to learn new technologies in this field. Now I feel that I have had a fair amount of exposure in this field. I feel that I have not satisfied my urge to learn, especially when there is so much still to learn. I have a strong desire to push ahead, and I plan to invest a lot in my education to build my career. To fully utilize my time spent in graduate school, I now require a program that can provide me with the best resources, and educational tools available. Your office can rightly provide me those and I hope that I will be given an opportunity to not only ,improve myself, but also to become fully absorbed in architectural life. My goal is to become a professional able and prepared to deal with complex buildings, advanced building technologies and environmental performance, in order to improve the quality of buildings and cities. I want to be a professional engaged to these factors, promoting quality and social respect to architectural and urban planning products.Therefore, i worked in three different projects in three different companies.. there were about restoration project one of the oldest university in Istanbul, other one is residental project and last one is commercial project which is designing business center in historaical peninsula of Istanbul as well. During my design process of these projects and also field experience i improved myself and learn many details.

I want to apply at your architecture firm with great interest and I believe I would be the perfect candidate to take that position.Having achieved a Bachelor of Architecture degree,and master program experience, i  am confident that my skills and experience are exactly what you are looking for.Since graduation I have been employed with different offices and also with my intersnhips i believe that i improved myself. I have an in-depth knowledge of building, structural design and material resolution and I am proficient with Microsoft Office, Adobe, Auto CAD and all major graphics programs.I can match my ambitions for create ground-breaking and quality projects with the skills and knowledge to back them up. I have the design and practical flair to plan, manage and work directly on all stages of an architectural project. On top of this I have excellent teamwork and communication skills.I have been following your company’s projects and I am very excited about the prospect of working with such a dynamic, reputable and growing company, being able to progress my own work in such a valued professional setting. I would welcome the opportunity to discuss the role with you further and I am available for a conversation at any time.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Sincerely yours,



I am drawing projects details, 3D model and render. Also, checking constrcution site. Make contacted wiith my clients and company.

Jul 2022 - current


Working 4 days in this role. Drawing every details of projects, I perform field controls and have the project I have drawn implemented. If there is a problem, I find a solution

Jun 2022 - current


I was drawing project and checking in the fields. It was geeral about restoration and reconstruction project of the university which is located in Istanbul

Apr 2019 - Aug 2019


Politecnico di Milano, Milano, IT, MArch, BUILDING ARCHITECTURE

The profession demands the project as "as complex system", result of the relationship among different knowledges. Its management entrusts to the architect the central role of director, able to drive and recap this process, aiming at guarantee the realization of works and places architectural quality.

Moreover, my program name is Building Architecture which is to educate on the realisation and preservation and enhancing of complex works and also on the basis of advanced professional knowledge,The study route therefore requires maximum commitment from us in the Architectural Design Studio for Complex Architecture, present both in the first and second year of the programme and characterized by the compresence of the architectural, structural and technological disciplines. The Studio activities allow us to express our planning skills.
When attending the Studios, we can grasp, together with the freedom of choice, the difficulties in coherently designing works that answer all the requirements of the contemporaneity. The professors of the Studio work in a coordinated manner on the same project, in the classroom, guiding them until definition of the architectural and executive details, and placing attention both on the development of suitable solutions and on the appropriateness of the choices of the building products of the building industry, in such a way that the project is developed by the students in all the architectural, structural and technological aspects. Therefore, during my master programme, i improved myself and my skills as well in many different ascepts.

Sep 2019 - Apr 2022

Yildiz Technical University, Istanbul, TR, BArch, ARCHITECTURE

Sep 2016 - Jan 2019

Bahçeşehir University, Istanbul, TR, BArch, ARCHITECTURE

Sep 2013 - Jun 2016

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