Ahmed Mahfouz

Ahmed Mahfouz

Cairo, EGYPT



Architect  with 17 years of experience in Architectural Designs and Projects Management. Implementing architectural concepts, creating a projects timeline contains a description of how work will be executed to accomplish the project objectives.

Motivated to promote Stakeholder satisfaction. Directing and managing the Project work and Project team. Efficiently reviewing the Project plan with the team to identify tasks. Problem solver, able to make sound decisions, and multitask to meet the competing deadlines.

Creative thinker who creates visually appealing and inspiring designs from conception to completion.


Al Hana Enterprises Engineering Consultancy, New Cairo- Egypt, Project Manager

•Creating Projects Timeline which allow managers and teams to see the status of their tasks.
•Preparing technical &financial proposals and hand it to the owners (investors).
•Designing projects and reviewing architectural Details & specifications.
•Coordinating the projects between the client, the main contractor and other disciplines.
•Collaborate closely with the Contractors to ensure that the milestones were achieved on time within budget of the client.
•Monitor the project closely with the client and update them with all the project changes due the site construction and implement the changes after their approvals.
•Coordinate with MEP and Structural Engineers.
•Reviewing the Contractor's shop drawings to ensure compliance with specifications and contract agreements.

Dec 2020 - current

Ministry of Municipality and Environment, Doha- Qatar, Senior Architect

•Developing Government building plans, collaborating with consultancy offices, reviewing plans for Construction, and identifying potential issues that may arise during Construction.
•Interacting directly with Clients, from the initial site selection and Development process through completion of the Construction project.
•Ensuring that the project meets the Government’s needs and remains informed of progress and developments.
•Manage schedules and timelines to prevent delays and ensure that projects are on time and within budget.
•Responsible for projects to comply with local zoning, environmental, and safety regulations.
•Reviewing preliminary designs, preliminary working drawings, specifications related to the project and ensuring all projects adhere to Doha’s building codes and regulations.
•Collaborating with Government and Client Stakeholders to determine Architectural and Design needs in the industrial areas.
•Overseeing teams of Architects and Designers to produce comprehensive architectural strategy, to serve Doha’s Government needs and restrictions.
•Coordinate with different Government Organizations to oversee the project.
•Create and present extensive reports.

Oct 2011 - Jan 2020

James Cubitt & Partners Engineering Consultancy, Doha- Qatar, Senior Architect

•Designing projects and reviewing architectural plans, specifications - ensuring compliance with government codes, laws and regulations in order to achieve the Client’s satisfaction.
•Collaborate closely with the Team to review schedules and support resolution of challenges to ensure that the milestones were achieved on time.
•Coordinate with MEP and Structural Engineers to harmonize the building services.
•Reviewing the Contractor's shop drawings to ensure compliance with specifications and contract agreements.
•Following-up board projects and attending meetings with the high management such as (municipality-ashghal-urban planning ...etc.).

Jan 2006 - Aug 2011

United Architect Consultancy, Cairo - Egypt, Architect

•Meeting with Clients and determining their needs and requirements.
•Conducting research and compiling reports on feasibility and environmental impact.
•Developing and presenting project proposals.
•Managing design projects from concept through DD.
•Adjusting designs and plans to meet the Client's needs.
•Preparing working drawings, blueprints, specifications.

Aug 2004 - Jan 2006


Alexandria University, Alexandria - Egypt, Bachelors, Architectural

Jan 1999 - Aug 2004

Areas of Specialization