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Aahana Banker

Brooklyn, NY, US

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A licensed and registered architect in India, I am a recent graduate (Masters in Advanced Architectural Design (M.S. A.A.D.)) from GSAPP, Columbia University, New York. I received my Bachelors in Architecture (B. Arch) from CEPT University, India.

I take keen interest in both: the tangible and the intangible sides of the profession, and am proficient in architectural software such as Rhino, SketchUp, 3ds Max, Unity and the Adobe Suite, as well as creative visualization tools such as digital photography, virtual scenography, poetry and storytelling. I strive to explore these realms through research, experimentation and implementation, with an aim to come up with a more inclusive approach towards architecture, its actors and audience. My exposure to material exploration, hands on design-building with on site designing and construction throughout the years further my interest in construction detailing and sustainability, while my undying love for storytelling and visual creation has helped develop a graphic and narrative approach towards spatial understanding and design. Through my work, I continue to seek for ways to bridge the gap between the role of an architect and the role of the architecture that one produces and the relationships it hosts and further creates, in an attempt to combine the intangible, sensorium and social experiential qualities with the logical, sustainable and ecological physical manifestations of architecture.

During my time at Columbia University, I was the Director of Professional Development - a part of the founding board for the AIAS chapter at GSAPP, and a Producer, Visual Director and Researcher for rAADio, an architecture podcast at Columbia, GSAPP. At CEPT University, I curated and led discussions around the practice. I headed and oversaw an architecture club and remained an active member of the core teams for the Architecture Forums such as the ArchiPrix and Kurula Varkey Design Forum. These experiences also allowed me to dive deeper into photography, editorial and graphic design, as well as social media marketing.

Combining my love for design with the Social realms, I have also been actively involved in creating spaces, games and toys for young children suffering from Cerebral Palsy, in collaboration with The Polio Foundation in Ahmedabad for over eight years now. I intend to take this passion ahead and help design furniture and environments which could help with the overall mental and physical development of young children.



dtls. Architecture, New York, NY, US, Architecture Photographer

- Captured high quality images with DSLRs and Iphones to fit website and portfolio formats.
- Polished images through post processing to bring out experiential aspects of the space, while maintaining the tones and lighting to show materiality, textures, details and environments.
- Improved client interaction by maintaining professional and effective communication during all aspects of the media shoot including scheduling, set up and on site.

Feb 2022 - Jun 2022

The Somerset House, New York, NY, US, Editorial, Graphic Design and Photography Intern

- Significantly boosted ecommerce sales by rethinking visual communication, editorial, graphic layouts.
- Polished product appeal through creative direction of photography, lighting and stage set up.
- Increased product sales by polishing product content, descriptions and specifications, touch up post production images and visual content to highlight product details, workmanship and timeline.
- Enhanced presentations for interior design through stage design by 3D modelling digital environments and furniture layouts using means of virtual reality to ensure an improvement to user interactivity.
- Boosted digital communication through social media content, web launches, invitations, websites using editorial and typographic design.

Feb 2022 - May 2022

Columbia University, New York, NY, US, Exhibition Designer and Editorial Assistant

- Increased viewer interaction by designing the exhibition layouts synonymous to the social media presence while ensuring ease of navigation - taking into consideration the ADA requirements.
- Enhanced projects by carefully curating exhibition content, ensuring clear visibility, visual appeal.
- Boosted the viewer presence through graphics and poster designs to draw in various audiences.

Aug 2021 - Sep 2021

Menis Arquitectos, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, ES, Architecture Intern

Auditorio Teobaldo Power (Reconstruction):
Refined reconstruction drawings by documenting and introducing climate/site responsive construction details, while ensuring enhancements and visual/material continuation of the existing auditorium.
Increased client interactivity and engagement by design modelling interactive 3D and physical models.
Worked closely with the Principal architect on the core development and led a design team from the conceptual design to the developmental phase.

Cape Verde | World Bank (Urban Planning):
Worked closely with the Project architect on the core urban planning and design development.
Enhanced the client proposal by introducing experiential representation through virtual reality.
Refined presentation and oversaw construction drawings, ensuring climate responsive details.
Significantly improved user interactivity and visual communication by designing the project website.

Music Hall, Katowice (Competition):
Brainstormed and developed design ideas for the initial conceptual stage.

Jun 2019 - Nov 2019


Columbia University, New York, NY, US, Masters, Advanced Architectural Design

Jun 2021 - May 2022

CEPT University, Ahmedabad, IN, BArch, Architecture

Aug 2016 - Jun 2021

ETH Zürich, Zürich, CH, BArch, Digital Architectonics

Jan 2020 - Sep 2020


Best Outgoing: Award for Academic Excellence, Award

Awarded to one outgoing student for overall academic contribution and excellence over the span of five years.


360 Degree Projects: Gold Medal for Academic Excellence, Award

Issued by Gujarat Institute of Civil Engineers and Architects


CEPT Excellence Award ‘21, Award

The CEPT Excellence Award recognizes and celebrates excellence in student work at CEPT. The exhibition showcases the 15 best projects in form of drawings, models and portfolios from across students from all five years of faculties of Architecture, Design and Planning Faculties.


CEPT Excellence Award ‘19, Award

The CEPT Excellence Award recognizes and celebrates excellence in student work at CEPT. The exhibition showcases the 20 best projects in form of drawings, models and portfolios from across students from all five years of faculties of Architecture, Design and Planning Faculties.


Faculty Level Award for Academic Excellence, Award

Faculty level awards are awarded annually to students of Interim Years for each program based wholly or substantially on demonstrable academic excellence.


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