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Dear architects

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This place has been posted by Ken Matsuyama who is seeking opportunities 
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Thank you for your time.


Looking for an office of architects that for Internship (not guarantee salary) or Full-time (Part-time possible) in London. If you have interest in, please contact me from email (

He has been a member of Aties Architects and Associates office in Japan for 3 years as only assistant after 2 years educational years in architectural department of Shusei Technical College. He’s played role of drawing development, section, elevation, detail, furniture, electric plan, making model and CG. In 2022, He has been in London since April and seeking opportunities to experience under architects to developing as an architect and future opportunities. Thank you for your time.

There were architectures once upon a time that far from AD 1999 when he was born in Japan. Nevertheless, with regard to human life, as like recent world developing in rapid fire encourage the definition. Therefore, we are stood upon the architecture by somebody, which not started zero in this time. It will be never disappeared even the 3 years professional experience. In 2022, he been in London, an importance to be worldwide among the era is not only an architect but also an exchanger that afford him opportunity for volume of ideas with it why binder of present architecture that will never define for a first constructor on the planet. However, his buildings will get stand on zero ground, concept and growable career that build up under architects. He prospects his life and architecture on a same line, literally no time to leave there.



Aties Architects & Associates Office, Hiroshima, JP , Assistant

Design, study, model, plan, 3D modeling for house, office, school, farm, cafe, furniture

Jan 2022
『New Sagotani』 published on Japanese magazine Shotenkentchiku, which renovation of a building located at Sagotani farm in Hiroshima

Feb 2019 - Oct 2021


Shusei Construction Technical College, Osaka, JP, Architecture

Distinguished Service Award
Perfect Attendance Award
National Technical College Presidential Award

Real Estate Transaction Agent License
Housing Environment Coordinator - Second class License

27th. Asunaro Osaka Competition “Honorable mention”
Graduation Exhibition 2019 “Department Award” & Design architecture “2nd Place”
50th DAS Design Award “Honorable mention”

Apr 2017 - Mar 2019

Wakayama Prefectural Hashimoto High School, Wakayama, JP, High School, Normal

Apr 2014 - Apr 2017


Graduation Exhibition 2019, 2nd Place

+ Department Award of overall


全国工業専門学校協会会長賞, Award


第50回 DAS x 毎日新聞 金の卵賞, Honorable Mention


第27回 あすなろ夢建築設計競技, Honorable Mention

Osaka Japan Competition in 2017 to 2018 that was first competition in my life


Areas of Specialization