Paul Scuderi

Paul Scuderi

Warwick, NY, US



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Emilio Susa Architect, Jericho, NY, US, Senior Designer / Project Manager

I come up with solutions to Residential and Commercial problems whether it be an addition, fit out, or ground up construction. I interface schematics solo, interface collaborative design with Emilio, and see through the project to completion [concept to construction drawings]. I meet with clients through all phases, visit to observe site construction, and interface with local government representatives.
I would frequently submit projects to building departments and present new construction/additions to review boards, but since the pandemic I have been remote and have been relegated to mostly managing by email and phone.

Feb 2014 - current


New York Institute of Technology (NYIT), Old Westbury, NY, US, BArch, Architecture

From NYiT's website:

"Our five-year professional Bachelor of Architecture program provides you with future-focused design skills, critical knowledge, experimental creativity, and leadership abilities as you tackle the complexity of the sustainable challenges needed at the scale of cities/communities and buildings/integrated systems. The program explores computational design strategies, digital fabrication of building components, and materials, offering a holistic understanding of the evolving disciplines of architecture and design."

My Studio Experience:

Fundamentals - I was able to receive credit from acquiring an Associates Degree at my local community college. Thank you Chairman Palmore.

Design 1 Studio - This professor told me that I should be a graphic designer and that I would never become an Architect. Thank you Sima.

Design 2 Studio - This professor was a great man that seeded my passion for design. May he rest in peace. Thank you Professor Bentel.

Design 3 Studio - This professor let me expand my imagination like crazy (maybe a bit too much!!). She solidified my drive to go for the Bachelor of Architecture Degree. Thank you Professor Campani.

Design 4 Studio - This professor began grounding me in reality and helped me develop my design language. Thank you Professor Suzuki.

Design 5 Studio - This was done as a Study Abroad in France and was a great experience that opened my mind up to sublimity of design. Thank you Professor Diamond.

Design 6 Studio - An absolute disaster. At this time this studio was pitched as a structural system studio. I followed what I thought was curriculum but I ended up doing mood boards for the semester where we were supposed to be critiqued on structural systems? I was lost with no sense of direction with no solid foundation. Merci pour rien Professeur.

Thesis Studio - Professor Matz completely blew open the doors of my imagination. He let my imagination run and he masterfully directed me down the course to make sense of everything. I truly appreciate everything he did for me. Thank you Charles.

Sep 2010 - May 2014

Areas of Specialization