Denzel Villanueva

Denzel Villanueva

San Jose, CA, US

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My name is Denzel Ebalo Villanueva and I graduated from the University of San Francisco's 2020 Architecture + Community Design class. 

I love architecture for the many different practices it is a part of: aesthetics/design, community outreach, and as well as cultural traditions. My main goal as an architect is to use my knowledge to assist lower-income communities in providing the facilities that they need the most. As well as working with a firm that pursues the best needs for their clients' goals and identities, I am very open to non-profit work and have been taking part in it since graduating college.

Some of my interests are skateboarding, drawing, and playing guitar.



Youth Spirit Artworks, Berkeley, CA, US, Construction/Design Intern

➢ Assist in the on-site construction as well as the design of YSA’s youth tiny home
empowerment village.
○ Creating murals, garden beds, fences, tiny homes as well as mixing and
pouring in concrete.
○ Created floor and site plans for the buildings and overall plan of the
tiny home village.

Jul 2020 - current

CSDA Design Group, San Francisco, CA, US, Architecture Intern

➢ Assist in project development and documentation
○ Composed and revised construction details on Revit
➢ Assist in project planning and design
○ Created various exterior wall designs
➢ Ability to communicate with co-workers and pick up new terms in the
architectural discourse.
➢ Help create sketches for design schemes

Jan 2020 - Mar 2020

Teaspoon, Milpitas, CA, Barista

➢ Co-operated within a team and created drinks and desserts for customers.
➢ Managed cashier during peak customer hours.
➢ Worked in an intense customer environment and successfully communicated
with the team.

Jan 2018 - Dec 2018

Abel Dental Care, Milpitas, CA, US, Office Assistant

➢ Filed and organized paperwork.
➢ Completed tasks for the office manager.
➢ Kept the office and dental clinic tidy and functional (kitchen, floors, lights,

Jan 2016 - Dec 2018

Vans Shoes, San Jose, CA, US, Sales Associate

➢ Co-operated within a team to help manage a store as well as serve customers on picking out shoes and apparel.
➢ Managed cashier during peak customer hours.

Jan 2015 - Dec 2015


University of San Francisco, San Francisco, BArch, Architecture & Community Design

I majored in Architecture & Community Design with a focus in urban planning.

Aug 2016 - May 2020

Areas of Specialization